Q.) How to extract text from an image file?

    Ans: Although it's pretty tough task to do, but through MODI printer in MS Office, its very easy.
    1.) Right click on the image.
    2.) select "print"
           Photo Printing Wizard will appear.
    3.) Click "Next"
    4.) Check the check box for the image from which the text to be extracted. Click"Next"
    5.) In the printer drop down box select Microsoft Office Document Image Writer and then Click "Next"
    6.) Select the preferred layout and then Click "Next"
    7.) Save the .mdi format of the file somewhere on your disk.
    8.) Now in the opened window go to Tools->Recognize Text using OCR.
    9.) now select the relevant portion of this image copy it and paste in notepad or ms-word as text.

Q.) How to convert .cbr and .cbz extension files into .pdf?

Ans. This is what i tried and it worked.

1. Change the file extension to .zip

2. Extract the files, they'll be in .jgp format

3. Select all the files, right click and choose combine in adobe acrobat.

There you are from .cbr/.cbz to .pdf

Q.) How to use mobile as web cam?

Ans.  Go to the following link:

 Download software for your mobile. Install it in your computer (Wireless required) then connect it to the mobile device. Follow instructions. Supports skype, even under firewall.

Q.) How to open .aux and .tex file?

Ans.  these are latex files..u can open them in any editor like notepad..use miktex (in windows) to convert these to .ps or .pdf files in windows winedit is a latex  specific editor.


Q.) windows must restart because remote procedure call service terminated unexpectedlt error, shuts down every 2 minutes.

Ans. I think your pc is infected by the blaster worm. just download blaster worm removal utility and run it.If it is not infected by the worm then try this, Type services.msc in run. Once the services windows is opened double click on the remote procedure call which shows status as started and click on recovery.There you will find First failure second failure .. just select take no action


Q.)I cannot change the status message in gtalk to the current music track. I am choosing it from the scroll down menu but it simply doesn't change and it shows Available no matter how many times I try to change it.

Ans. if windows media playr, then go to Now Playing -> plugins -> options -> background -> select google talk -> apply -> ok. It worked for me. try. i don't know about other players but something of this sort should work for any other player also


Q.)I had both win-XP and ubuntu on my comp,but some time ago I had to reinstall XP. Now Linux is not starting. actully earlier, on start 2 options used to come 1) win-xp, 2)linux, but only XP boots, what should I do..

Ans. 1) take a linux livecd and boot into it . 2) mount the linux system on your hard drive to a temporary folder. say mount /dev/hdX /mnt/mylinux (X being your linux root partition no) 3) change your root to this mounted file system chroot /mnt/mylinux /bin/bash 4) install grub grub root(hd0,X-1) // the same X setup(hd0) quit 5) exit (back to the livecd fs) 6) umount /dev/hdX and 7) reboot