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August 18, 2006 - Paddle Battle DS

This is a table hockey game featuring:
* 3 different opponents
* 4 tables
* 2 minigames
* selectable game length (3 to 11 goals)
* stat recording (requires SRAM)

* Use the Stylus to move your paddle.
* Use the D-PAD or ABXY buttons to affect your shot:
    - Up / X    : faster shot
                    - Down / B  : slower shot
    - Left / Y  : more left
    - Right / A : more right
I think you mostly will use UP/X. :)   

Download Paddle Battle here.
Please let me know what you think of this game.

See in-game splash screen for credits.

As you can see, I am not good at graphics and hope to team up with an artist for a future project.  If you are interested, please write me a note.

BIG thanks to the PAlib team - great job on the library, the documentation & wiki and on the forums!  Thanks to everyone else that makes DS homebrew possible!