The Sumerian Civilization

This website presents the history, religion and culture of a civilization called Sumer. Of course it would be added the speculations that this civilization had connections with intelligent extraterrestrial life forms. I'll try to make both arguments and counter arguments for these theories. To understand all the arguments and counter arguments you must first acquire some knowledge about this civilization. My advice is to read carefully because there are things that are going you change your mind about everything you know.

Remember this is a collection of information gained from the internet after hours of reading and study.So you can believe what do you want!For better understanding you should check other websites and articles about this Topic and the most important you should read books about this.

So let's start with the beginning:

Origin of name

Sumer translated from Akkadian Šumeru; Sumerian ki-en-ĝir15, approximately means "land of the civilized lords" or "native land".They were a civilization and historical region in southern Mesopotamia, modern Iraq during the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age.

The term "Sumerian" is the common name given to the ancient non-Semitic inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia, Sumer, by the Semitic Akkadians. The Sumerians referred to themselves as ùĝ saĝ gíg-ga, phonetically uŋ saŋ giga, literally meaning "the black-headed people". The akkadian word Shumer may represent the geographical name in dialect, but the phonological development leading to the Akkadian term šumerû is uncertain.Biblical Shinar, Egyptian Sngr and Hittite Šanhar(a) could be western variants of Shumer.

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