Wipro Placement Pattern


Mind Here in our Institute within30 minutes 45 questions were to be answered.

There was no negative marking.

 Question Pattern:

[1] Jumble sentences are given ,order the sentences to make a meaningful paragraph

[2] Sentences are given , order the sentences to make conclusion that follows from the options given(Say 5 sentences are given out ofwhich 2arecauses and rest is result , like fallacy in logic) .

[3] Analogies.

[4] Opposite meaning.

[5] Point out the error in a given sentence.

[6]C ( Follow ‘Test your C skills ‘).

[7]Data Structure.

[8]Operating System.


[10]Puzzles(1-2),Critical reasoning(1-2).

  We can not remember all the questions exactly as time was very short .Here are some of the questions ( Not in order).

1.A topic on Gandhiji’sSalt Satyagrah Movement

Four sentences were given and you have to arrange them to make a paragraph.

Ans. CABD (Check it out).

2.What can’t be changed by the user program (Four choices were there).

Ans. Memory Map (Check it out).

3.In which layer ROUTING is performed ?

Ans.Network Layer

4.What is the output of the followingcode snippet





Ans. mile

5.What is the output                                

Freshersworld .com



Sum=? &count;( It was actually given temp=? &count; which is probably wrong)

Printf(“sum=%dcount= %dtemp=%d “,sum,count,*temp);

Ans. C (most expected answer ,check it)

6.Which one has no L-Value



[iii] 2

[iv] *(a+i)

Ans . [iii]  

6.In threaded binary for which traversal orders unused left and right links are used?


7.Which is false for binary tree?

[i] Any node should have two children.


[iii] At fourth level the number of node should be less than 16.


8.Which is true for binary search ?

[i] Traversal scheme


[iii]Greedy algorithm

[iv] Divide and conquer algorithm

  Ans. [iv]                                                     

9.What is the protocol used for getting the physical address by supplyingIP address of a node ?

[i] ARP

[ii] RARP

[iii] BOOTP

[iv] DHCP

Ans. [i]

10.If DELHI is coded as CCIDD then how BOMBAY will be coded?

11.Opposite meaning of SPUR.

12.Opposite of HARBINGER .

Ans. Follower

13. Opposite meaning ofPROTRUSION.


14. Opposite meaning ofRESTIVENESS.


15.Find the odd one in a given analogy

Ans. Mundane.

16 . Find the analogy :SURPRISE : EXCLAMATION

Ans. Dismay:groan.

17) Find the analogy : Plateau : Taxonomy.

18)Question from congestion control topic:

Ans: source quench.

19) Question from kernel mode:

Ans:Disable Interrupts.

20) which one is a page replacement algorithim.



[iii]Least recently used.

[iv]All of above.

21)Using two numbers And interchanging + and * there was a question.

Ans:(iii)(some expression=22).

22)For each hour an watch is going slow by 30 seconds.Now time is

8a.m.What will be the actual time at 8p.m.


23)Question regarding while loop.


24)Alphabetical order L,M,…(cant remember)                                     


25)One puzzle:(I cant exactly remember this question giving brief idea ofthis question)there were four guysA,B,C,D. theolder and youngerrelationis given . U have to find the age of the A.

Ans: 7 years(check it out).

26)Fallacy question: six sentences are given.





Ans: [i].

28)Nine people six floor. Conditions are given.(This was a very longparagraph).Peoples named like I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q.


29)A question regarding node.


30)A problem regarding age of father and son(very easy problem u can solve it).

31)Point out error in the follwing sentence:I got the book in the office and slipped it out.

[i]I got the book.

[ii] in the.

[iii]office and .

[iv] slipped it out.


32)Point out error:(about a flowers garden)

ans:(I can’t remember the options).answer will be “among on another”.

TIPS: Try to mug up the answers .check once more only the questions in the hall which we have pointed out by writing “check it out” with the answers.

But the other answers are correct fully. Don’t waste yourtime on long paragraphs.There was no negative marking.Try to solve all the departmental question.


Add 79H and 86H and tell the contents of flags

2. Scr is used for _____ ( ac, dc , both )

3. Push pull amplifier is used to remove which harmonics ( even , odd , both )

4. PAM is demodulated using ___ ( low pass filter , high pass filter )

5. 16k memory is needed. How many chips with 12 address buses and 4 data
    buses are needed.

6. AM wave is detected using _________ detector

7. Which flip flop is used for shift registers

8. Program counter does what __ (stores a memory address, address of the present instruction)                      

9. In a bistable multivibrator communication capacitor is used for ______ ( speed up response , ac coupling)

10. Totem pole is what?

11. Time constant for an integrator and differentiator should be ( small , high etc.)

12.TV waves are __ ( sky waves , space waves etc.)

13.Which configuration has highest i/p imp. ( ce , cb , cc )

14. Parabolic antenna with 2degree angle. What is its directivity.

15. Given 10 mhz pe modulation and we got a 100 mhz band.
      How many channels can be there.

16. If o/p power is doubled by how much does the sound increase ( 1db,2db,3db )