1)What is it difference between defaultcopy Constructer &user defined copyconstructer?

2)What is it difference between C file handling & C++ file handling?

3)What is the concept of virtual table?

4)Where and Why dowe need to use virtual functions?

5)What is difference between C structure & C++ structure?

6)Why do we not use ordinary variable in static functions?

7)consider the following code

int number=0;

if (number >= 0)

if(number > 0)

cout<<”\n Number is positive”;


cout<<”\n Number is negative”;

what will be the output?

A>Number is negative

B>Number is positive

C>Both A & B

D>None of the above

8)Distinguish between staticbinding & Dynamic binding?

9)What is the difference between a function template & template function?

What is referencevariable?

1)When call the default constructor?

2)What are inputand output streams?

3)What are the advantage of saving data in binary file?

4)What is basic difference between manipulators & ios member functions in implementation?

5)How is a staticmember function invoked?

6)What is STL?

7)What is this?

8)What are the values of m and n after the following two statements are executed?


Int n=m++ * ++m;

10)what is difference between cin & cin.get()?

Qu Questions On C++

1.What is the use of "assert" in C++?

2.When is the default copy constructor called?

3.What is difference between virtual function & Pure Virtual function?

4.When do we use CATCH(...) function?

5.What is the Namespace?

6.Which are the five operators which cannot be overloaded?

7.State True Or False.

a].In C++,it is very easy to add new features to the existing structure of an object.

b].The function argument is a value returned by the function to the calling program.

c].C++ is the first language to use Object Oriented Technique.

d].Copy constuctor is always called when a constructor is called.

e].C++ supports multiple inheritance.

8. What do we use Virtual class?

9. What is RTTI?

10.What is a friend class?