1.  MessageBox function returns ________ when user clicks on it's OK button
     a) TRUE                 b) IDOK       c) ID_OK
2.  Calling a function within Dll using LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress APIs is  called ________
     a) Dynamic linking          b) Implicit linking         c) Explicit linking
3.  Every MFC Application has one and only one global instance of a class derived from _______.
     a) CWinApp                b) CFrameWnd           c) CwinMain
4.  The ________ method of CWnd class marks the entire client area of the window for painting.
     a)  DrawWindow              b)  RefreshWindow          c) Invalidate
5.  The height of rectangle created using CRect (10, 20, 50, 70) will be  _________
     a)  20                    b)  50               c)  70
6.  In document-view architecture _______ object is responsible for setting up the non-client area of   
     the window.
     a) MainFrame               b) Document           c)   View
7.  The OnDraw method of View object receives a pointer to _______ object as its argument
     a) CPaintDC               b) CClientDC           c) CDC
8.  CDaoRecordset can be used only with _________ database.
     a) an Access              b) any ODBC compliant      c) any OLEDB compliant
9.  Which of the following class is not derived form CObject
    a) CcmdTarget            b) CruntimeClass        c) CWinApp
10. InitInstance is a member of which class.
    a) CwinThread            b) CwinApp            c) CWnd


1.  In APIs handles are nothing but pointers to objects.
2.  WaitForSingleObject(hObject, -1) will wait indefinitely for hObject to go into signalled state.
3.  It's not possible to signal an event created by one process in another process.
4.  A thread with lower priority may never get scheduled in a process where a thread of higher    
     priority is running.
5.  SwitchToThread API is not available in Win 98
6.  A memory block allocated with HeapAlloc is movable.
7.  DispatchMessage translates WM_KEYDOWN message for shortcut keys to WM_COMMAND   
8. The values of wParam and lParam are message-dependent.

Join the pairs :
On all convention functionalities.........................


1.Create an MFC application (with only one class) that displays a blank window on the screen.
2.Create a serializable class CProduct with m_code (CString) and m_price (double) as its public members.
3. On machine with IP, a TCP server is listening on port 4011.This server receives     a CProduct (see above question) object from a client and stores it in database. Write client    code that opens a CSocket to this server and sends it an instance of CProduct using Serialization.

4. Create a simple application (using SDK) with its main window based on STATIC class. The  application must exit when user presses Escape key.
5. Purchase.dll exports a function declared as  void __stdcall NotifyManager(). Write a program  which calls this function through explicit linking.