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Here is an interesting and relevant discussion about programming language design, copied from the newsgroup "comp.compilers", starting in March 1995 and still going in July!

The discussion is interesting for various reasons:

  • It looks at aspects of language design that you should recognise from having used C and a shell.
  • It shows how there can be more than one right answer to language design, depending on what you are trying to achieve. The quest for a general purpose super-language, that can be used in all circumstances, has not succeeded yet.
    Although change for its own sake is usually a bad idea, sticking to the familiar without at least understanding and considering the alternatives is not the mark of a good Computer Scientist.
  • It indicates how some "obvious" and "important" differences between languages seem insignificance compared to the whole range of language paradigms and the different ways in which they have been made concrete. The difference between a programming language (C) and a scripting language (SH) is important and interesting, but is tiny compared to the difference between imperative (C) and functional (SML) programming.
    Note how many of the responses need clarification on closer examination, as other participants bring different experiences to the discussion.
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