Change a tree so that the roles of the left and right pointers are swapped at every node 

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Linked list problems............................................
Reversing a linked list. Solutions...
Sorted Insertion of a node into linked list. Solution...
Deletion of node from linked list. Solution...
Finding Nth element in a Linked List. Solution...
Binary search method. Solution...
Generate mirror image tree of given tree. Solution...

Change a tree so that the roles of the
left and right pointers are swapped at every node.
So the tree...
void mirror(struct node* node) {     

        if (node==NULL)  {
        else { 

             struct node* temp;  

             // do the subtrees

            // swap the pointers in this node
           temp = node->left;
           node->left = node->right;
           node->right = temp;