The test was aptitude: 55 min,, (68 quest)              Get an Idea From Who Gone For Interview

(6 section,

[section][time][no of quest][type]

11015small logical/mathematical quiz (most of from old paper

21010numerical series completion and visual series completion[3 quest repeated from old papers[

31016[mix type quest,, such as reasoning (e.g. all A r B, all B r C so all A r C ,,some C r A etc..,, one quiz followed by 4 quest]                              

4109[2 flow chart: means,, one puzzle was described as steps of flow chart, and condition was also given,, in flow chart some fields were having ? ,, u have to select appropriate option from the given option to place instead of ? ,so that logic is correct...

2nd flow chart was very easy(4 quest),, while in 1st first 3 were easy rest 2 were not hard, but very time consuming,, 

5108[RC, really tough,, 5 minute to read long (with lot of data of course) the rc and remember whatever u can,, followed by 9/8 quest in 5 minutes,

6510[data sufficiency,, very easy and scoring section, but only 5 minutes to answer 10 quest...]

no section cut off

only overall cut off

strictly 1:1 -ve marking...

shortlisted candidates will be informed by email within 10 days for HR & Technical Int...

test was only for BE (CSE,IT ,IS) and BSc(maths, chemi, physics,,, and one other discipline) ,No EC,ECT, or MCA,,,,

2002 and 2003 passouts, 60% or more aggregate at ssc,hsc and BE, should be cleared on 1st attempt..

some of quest I remember:                        

1.if M person r buying a thing costingD$ each,, if 3 person get away,, how much each person has to spend so that total expenditure is same ???

2. which is smalest?




d3/13 ...or something similar having denom. as 11 and 13 in option "d" and "e"

3.if Rix can collect 45 pieces in 1 min.. and Rax take 1 and half minute for same,, what is time require d to collect 300 pieces when both working together?? long quiz followed by 5 quest... 3 cages having 3 tags on them, sum of digit of cage num not to exceed 10, and other cond... quest of grandfather-father-son type quest..                     

6.A is shortr than B but taller than E, D is tallest, C is just shorter than A, who is shorttest or similar quest...?

7.rectangualr box,, 25*20*2 converted in to cylinder of dia 10... what is height in terms of "pai"

section 2: series...

1.find the numer for ?

2.find the numer for ?



5.these were reapeat from old quest...                               

section 3.

simple reasoning,4-5 quest.

1 quest followed by 3 quest.

1 quest followed by 3/4 quest.

other quiz...

section 4.2flowchart .. 2nd was, A & B drawing ball. 2 ball Red & yellow,, if red is the drawen ball 100 points r awaredrd,otherwise 200 points awareded... if A or B score 500,, their points r forfieted,,

if A or B score 1000 or more, he is winner...

four quest based on this puzzle, given as missing ? in flowchart

section 5.RC related to turnover of companies etc...(8 quest)

section 6data sufficiency

1.whether n is odd?

a.m+5n is odd

b.2m+9n is odd

these quest were easy, but u required speed to attend all