From Microsoft) Assume I have a linked list contains all of the alphabets from ‘A’ to ‘Z’. I want to find the letter ‘Q’ in the list, how does you perform the search to find the ‘Q’?Answer: In a linked list, we only know about the header and other elements are invisible unless we go through the node one by one. Since we have go through every single node to find ‘Q’, the search time for a linked list is linear which is O (N).

From IBM) How do you think about your school?
: I enjoy studying in our school because we have many professors and instructors are from local companies. Their professions lead us more close to local industries.

(From IBM) What classes you have enjoyed the most during your school years?
Answer: I like the class I am taking this semester, which involves a group project that needs great amount of team efforts. I really enjoy work with a group of people because we can learn new materials mutually