Document View Architecture is similar to model view Controller pattern, Program data is represented by Document classes, and representation of data is provided by view classes while frame classes acts as an controller. 

 In VC++ / MFC we can have SDI single document interface applications just like notepad or MDI Multiple document interface just like MS Word.

For each application following classes are created, which are bind together by Doc Template classes.

1. Frame window class - Represents the application window.

2. View class- Represents the data to the user in specific understandable format.

3. Document class – Represents the applications data.( Program data used by application during its execution).

MFC architecture allows user to represent the data as documents in different views (formats ex. Charts, tabular, textual). View(s) are attached to the application frame window.

A simple splitter window example

Dynamic splitter window

An MDI application

Opening different types of documents in MDI application