101. Identify the switching method that receives the entire frame then dispatches it?
* Cut-through
* Receive and forward
* Store and forward
* Fast forward
Correct answer: C
Store and forward switching receives the entire frame before dispatching it.
98Identify the purpose of ICMP?
* Avoiding routing loops
* Send error and control messages
* Transporting routing updates
* Collision detection
Correct answer: B
ICMP is used to send error and control messages. Ping uses ICMP to carry the echo-request and echo-reply.
99Which statement is true regarding the user exec and privileged exec mode?
* The ‘?’ only works in Privileged exec
* They are identical
* They both require the enable password
* User exec is a subset of the privileged exec
Correct answer: D
The user exec mode is a subset of the privileged exec mode. Only a certain number of commands are
available at the user exec mode.

102. Which OSI layer end to end communication, segmentation and re-assembly?
* Network
* Transport
* Physical
* Application
* Data-Link
* Presentation
Correct answer: B
Layer 4 the Transport layer performs this function.
103. What IP command would you use to test the entire IP stack?
* Stack-test
* Arp
* Telnet
* Ping
* Trace
Correct answer: C
Because Telnet is an application and it resides at the top of the stack it traverses down the stack and up the
stack at the receiving end.
104. Identify the 2 hardware components used to manage and/or configure a router?
* Auxiliary port
* ROM port
* Management port
* Console port
Correct answer: A D
The 2 hardware ports used to configure the router are the console and auxiliary ports.
105. What is the default bandwidth of a serial connection?
* 1200 baud
* 1.544 Mbps (T1)
* 10 Mbps
* 96Kpbs
Correct answer: B
The default bandwidth is T1.
106. Identify 2 functions of IPX access-lists?
* Control SAP traffic
* Limit number of Novell servers on a network
* Limit number of workstations on a network
* Block IPX traffic
Correct answer: A D
IPX access lists are used to restrict IPX traffic and SAP broadcasts.
107. Identify 2 HDLC characteristics?
* Default serial encapsulation
* Open standard
* Supports Stacker compression
* Supports point-to-point and multipoint
Correct answer: A D
HDLC is the default serial encapsulation and supports point-to-point and multipoint. It is not an open
standard and does not support compression.
108. Identify 3 IP applications?
* Telnet
Correct answer: C D E
ARP and AURP are not part the application layer of the TCP/IP stack. SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer
Protocol, Telnet, DNS - Domain Name Services (name to IP resolution).
109. Identify 3 LAN technologies?
* X.25
* 802.3
* 802.5
Correct answer: A E F
The question is asking for 3 LAN technologies, HDLC, HSSI and X.25 are all WAN technologies.
110. Identify the 4 that are not LAN technologies?
* 802.5
* Frame Relay
Correct answer: A D E F
802.5 and FDDI are LAN technologies
111. Which OSI layer supports the communication component of an application?
* Data-Link
* Physical
* Session
* Presentation
* Application
* Transport
Correct answer: E
Layer 7 the Application layer performs this function.
112. Identify the length of an IPX address and it’s components?
* 80 bits, 48 bits network and 32 bits node
* 32 bits, 16 bits network and 16 bits node
* None of the above
* 80 bits, 32 bits network and 48 bits node
Correct answer: D
IPX address has 2 components; network and node. The network address is 32 bits and the node is 48 bits,
total of 80 bits.
113. Identify the administrative distance and appropriate routing protocol?
* RIP = 255, IGRP = 100
* RIP = 100, IGRP = 120
* RIP = 1, IGRP = 0
* RIP = 120, IGRP = 100
Correct answer: D
The administrative distance for RIP is 120 and IGRP is 100. The lower the AD the better the routing
114. Which OSI layer incorporates the MAC address and the LLC?
* Data link
* Network
* Physcial
* Transport
Correct answer: ): A
Layer 2 the Data-Link layer incorporates the MAC and LLC sublayers
115. If configuring a Cisco router to connect to a non-Cisco router across a Frame Relay network, which
encapsulation type would you select?
* Q933a
Correct answer: C
There are two types of Frame Relay encapsulations; Cisco and IETF. IETF is required when connecting a
Cisco to a non-Cisco router.
116. Identify the 2 items that TCP and UDP share in common?
* Both use port numbers to identify upper level applications
* Operate at the Network layer
* Both are Transport protocols
* Both are reliable communications
Correct answer: A C
TCP and UPD are both layer 4 Transport protocols and both use port number to identify upper level
117. Identify 3 characteristics of IP RIP?
* Distance vector
* Administrative distance is 120
* Periodic updates every 60 seconds
* Uses a composite metric
* Can load balance
Correct answer: A B E
IP RIP is a distance vector protocol, it can load balance up to 4 equal cost paths and it’s rating of
trustworthiness is 120.
118. Which of the following is a layer 2 device?
* Switch
* Router
* Repeater
* Hub
Correct answer: A
A Hub and Repeater are layer 1 devices. A Router is a layer 3 device.
119. Identify the definition of demarcation?
* Date in which the WAN service contract expires
* Cabling which extends from the WAN service provider to the customer
* Division of responsibility, where the CPE ends and the local loop begins
* Equipment which is located at the customer premises
Correct answer: C
Demarcation is the point in which responsibility changes hands.
120. Identify the 3 key features of the Cisco Discovery Protocol?
* Off by default
* Will allow for the discovery of layer 3 addresses on neighbor routers
* Verify connectivity
* Open standard
* Does not require any layer 3 protocols to be configured
Correct answer: B C E
CDP is used for 2 basic reasons; neighbor connectivity and layer 3 discovery if configured. It is proprietary
and is on by default.
121. Identify the 3 characteristics of IPX RIP?
* Distance vector
* Does not support multiple paths
* 60 second updates
* Default encapsulation is SAP
* Uses ticks and hop count as a metric
Correct answer: A C E
IPX RIP is a distance vector routing protocol, it does support multiple paths, the default encapsulation is
‘novell-ether’, it uses tick count as a primary metric and hop count as a tie breaker and it sends it’s updates
every 60 seconds.
122. Identify the access-list range for an extended IP access-list?
* 800 - 899
* 1 - 99
* 1000 - 1099
* 100 - 199
Correct answer: D
IP extended access-lists use the number range of 100-199.
123. Identify the X.25 addressing standard?
* X.121
* X.25a
* ITU-1
* Q933a
Correct answer: A
The X.25 layer 3 addressing standards is X.121.
124. Identify 3 features of IGRP?
* Composite metric
* New horizon
* Flash updates
* 60 periodic updates
* Poison reverse
Correct answer: A C E
IGRP uses a composite metric made up of bandwidth and delay by default, it updates every 60 seconds and
will trigger an update if the topology changes.
125. Where is the backup configuration file stored?
* Console
Correct answer: D
One location to store the backup configuration is NVRAM.
126. Identify the correct pair of Novell Ethernet encapsulation and Cisco terminology?
* Ethernet II, Snap
* Ethernet 802.3, Novell-Ether
* Ethernet SNAP, Arpa
* Ethernet 802.2, Snap
Correct answer: B
The default IPX LAN encapsulation is Novell-Ether which is 802.3
127. Identify 3 characteristics regarding IP access-lists?
* Can be configured as a standard access-list
* Can be run from another router running IP
* Can be configured as a named access-list
* Are the same as IPX access-lists
* Can be configured as an extended access-list
Correct answer: A C E
There are 3 types of IP access-lists; standard, extended and named. Named access-lists can be either
standard or extended depending on how they are configured.
128. Identify 3 ways in which a router can be configured?
* Nvram
* Ping
* Console
* Trace
Correct answer: A B D
Changes to the configuration can be entered via the console, a config stored in NVRAM or on a TFTP
server. Trace and ping are tools to verify connectivity.
129. A traffic light is an example of what type of mechanism?
* Collision detection
* Flow control
* Sequence numbering
* Network management
Correct answer: B
A Traffic light is an example of flow control.
130. Windowing is a type of?
* Negative acknowledgement
* Address resolution
* Layer transition mechanism
* Flow control
Correct answer: D
Windowing allow the sender and receiver to dictate how much information that can be received prior to an
acknowledgement. It is a form of flow control.
131. Identify the 2 types of access-list filters that control SAP traffic?
* Novell-ether
* Arpa
* Input-sap-filter
* Round-robin
* Output-sap-filter
Correct answer: C E
SAP’s can be blocked by 2 methods; inbound and outbound.
132. Identify the 3 guidelines for routers in the same autonomous system?
* Must be configured for IGRP or RIP
* Interconnected
* Assigned the same autonomous system number
* Configured for the same routing protocol
* Must be same model of router
Correct answer: B C D
Autonomous system must be interconnected, assigned the same AS # and configured with the same routing
133. Identify the hardware component used to store buffers, tables, running-configuration etc?
* Flash
Correct answer: C
RAM is the dynamic memory area. ROM contains the boot strap code, NVRAM contains the startupconfig
and Flash contains the IOS.
134. Identify 3 UDP characteristics?
* Reliable communication protocol
* Applications that use UDP must incorporate reliability
* Connection-less oriented
* Incorporates no handshaking
Correct answer: B C D
UPD is a layer 4 Transport protocol. It is connection-less because it does establish a connection therefore
the 3 step handshake is not needed, it does NOT implement any flow control or acknowledgments. Any
application that uses UDP must incorporate any needed reliability.
135. Identify the IPX standard access-list number range?
* 600 - 699
* 1000 - 1099
* 1 - 99
* 100 - 199
* 800 - 899
Correct answer: E
IPX standard access-list range is 800-899.
136. Which OSI layer provides best effort end to end packet delivery?
* Data-Link
* Presentation
* Network
* Transport
* Physical
* Application
Correct answer: C
Layer 3 the Network layer performs this function.
137. Identify the 2 methods to modify the routers boot sequence?
* Setup program
* Boot system commands
* RXBoot
* Config-register
Correct answer: B D
‘Boot system’ command the ‘config-register’ are used to manipulate the boot sequence.
138. Identify the 3 pieces of hardware you would not install to prevent broadcasts?
* Switch
* Repeater
* Bridge
* Router
Correct answer: A B C
Router are implemented not only to break up networks into smaller segments but they are used to block
139. Identify 2 features of PPP PAP authentication?
* Username and password is sent in clear text
* Authentication messages are sent periodically during the connection
* More secure than CHAP
* Remote node is control of authentication process
Correct answer: A D
PPP PAP authentication sends the username and passwords in clear text and the remote node initiates the
authentication process.
140. Identify the switching method that examines the destination MAC address as the frame is being received
then begins forwarding the frame prior to receiving the entire frame?
* Fragment-free
* Store and Forward
* Cut-through
* Fast forward
Correct answer: C
Cut through examines the destination MAC address and begins forwarding the frame prior to receiving the
entire frame.
141. Identify 1 characteristic of RARP?
* IP toMAC address translation
* Connectionless delivery of packets
* Can be used to initiate remote O/S load sequence
* Generates error and control messages
Correct answer: C
Reverse Address Resolution Protocol is used to obtain a layer 3 address if the MAC address is known
which then facilitates the loading of the O/S.
142. Identify the protocol to test connectivity without configuring any layer 3 protocols?
* Ping
* IP
* Telnet
Correct answer: D
CDP can be used to verify connectivity prior to any layer 3 protocols being configured.
143. LMI operates between the Frame Switch and what other device?
* CPE device
* Another Frame Switch
* X.25 switch
* Novell File Server
Correct answer: A
LMI stands for local management interface. It operates between the Frame Relay switch and the customer
144. Identify IPX SAP and it’s purpose?
* Sonet Access Pipe - interface to Sonet ring
* Service Advertising Protocol - advertise services
* Server Appletalk Protocol - appletalk directory services
* Service Access Point - identify upper layer protocols
Correct answer: B
SAP is an Novell protocol to advertise services.
145. Identify the default values that make up IGRP’s composite metric?
* Bandwidth
* Load
* Reliability
* Delay
Correct answer: A E
IGRP can be configured to use all 5 within it’s metric. By default it uses bandwidth and delay.
146. Identify the default serial encapsulation?
* Frame Relay
Correct answer: B
The default serial encapsulation is HDLC.
147. Identify the purpose of ARP?
* Avoiding routing loops
* Determining a workstation’s IP address
* Sending a directed broadcast
* Determining a workstation’s MAC address
Correct answer: D
ARP is used to find a devices MAC address given an IP address.
148. What is the purpose of the DLCI?
* Identifies the remote routers
* Contained with a 802.2 frame for routing purposes
* Used with PPP during authentication
* Identifies the PVC in a Frame Relay network
Correct answer: D
DLCI stands for Data Link Connection Identifier. It identifies the local PVC.
149. Identify 3 characteristics of the Network layer (OSI layer 3)?
* Connection oriented
* Path determination
* Supports multiplexing
* Manages sessions
* Packet forwarding
Correct answer: B C E
The network layer is responsible for routing which entails learning the paths, selecting the best path and
forwarding the packet. Because it services multiple layer 4 protocols it multiplexes.
150. Identify 3 characteristics of switches?
* Increase available bandwidth
* Decrease broadcast traffic
* Support full duplex in a multipoint topology
* Make forwarding decision using MAC address
* Create collision domains
Correct answer: A D E
Switches operate at layer 2. They increase bandwidth by reducing the number of devices sharing the
media. They isolate collisions. Like a bridge they forward traffic based upon layer 2 address/ MAC address.
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