• Computer Design and Technology

Cache Design, Memory Hierarchy Design

Branch Prediction

Dynamic Instruction Scheduling

  • Structured Programming(C)

Developed a Library Management System using C

  • Object Oriented Programming(Java)

Developed an Online MCQ Examination System using Java. Microsoft Access was used at the backend.

  • Database Management

 Developed a Diagnostic Center Database Management System - a desktop application for basic relational operation using C# at the front end and Oracle9i to implement the database at the backend.

  • System Analysis and Design

 Information System Design of an e-commerce based Online Auction System with web interface of Java Server Pages (JSP) and MySQL Server at the backend.Struts1.1 framework was widely used during development.

  • Computer Networks

Implementation of Physical, Datalink and Network Layer with Java.

Simulation and Configuration of a network using Router Simulator.

  • Operating System

Developed a Minimal Operating System which ran in 8086 real mode, supported inode based file system, multiple processes and used primitive memory management scheme using Assembly Language and C.

  • Microprocessors and Micro-controllers

Design and Implementation of 4-bit Microprocessor executing 30 instruction and two stage pipelining.