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Graduate Courses

  Spring 2009  

    CSC 510 - Software Engineering

                     An introduction to software life cycle models; size estimation; cost and schedule estimation; project management; risk management; formal technical reviews; analysis, design, coding and testing methods; configuration management and change control; and software reliability estimation. Emphasis on large development projects. An individual project required following good software engineering practices throughout the semester.

    CSC 522 - Automated Learning and Data Analysis

                      Introduction to the problems and techniques for automated discovery of knowledge in databases. Topics include representation, evaluation, and formalization of knowledge for discovery; classification, prediction, clustering, and association methods.Selected applications in commerce, security, and bioinformatics.

    CSC 579 - Introduction to Computer Performance Modeling

                  Workload characterization, collection and analysis of performance data, instrumentation, tuning, analytic models including queuing network models and operational analysis, economic considerations.

  Fall 2008

   ECE 521 - Computer Design and Technology

                       Design of general-purpose computers through cost-performance analysis. Emphasis on making design decisions regarding the instruction set architecture and organization of single-processor computer. Discussion of design choices, role of compiler and techniques for analysis, simulation and implementation. Consideration of relationships between architecture, organization and technology 

    CSC 600 - Computer Science Graduate Orientation

Undergraduate Courses

  CSC 431 Simulation and Modeling

   CSC 411 VLSI Design

   CSC 409 Computer Graphics

   CSC 425 Machine Learning

   CSC 407 Computer Interfacing

   CSC 405 System Analysis and Design

   CSC  403 Digital System Design

   CSC 401 Computer Networks

   CSC 400 Project and Thesis

   CSC 321 Communication Engineering

   CSC 319 Pattern Recognition

   CSC 317 Artificial Intelligence

   CSC 315 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

   CSC 313 Operating Systems

   CSC 305 Computer Architecture

   CSC 309 Compiler

   CSC 307 Software Engineering

   CSC 303 Database

   CSC 301 Mathematical Analysis for Computer Science

   CSC 211 Theory of Computation 

    CSC 209 Digital Electronics and Pulse Techniques

   CSC 207 Algorithms

   CSC 205 Digital Logic Design

   CSC 203 Data Structures

   CSC 201 Numerical Methods

   CSC 105 Programming Language -II

   CSC 103 Discrete Mathematics

   CSC 101 Programming Language -I