Bibliography last reviewed June 27, 2017

    In straightforward chapters the authors cover all of the necessary details, including booking a flight or keeping healthy during one’s travels. 910.202 O58
    On these three DVDs Chef Bourdain travels to Sweden, Puerto Rico, Quebec, the U.S. and Mexican border, India, Korea, Indonesia, Ireland, Ghana, Namibia, Lebanon, and the Pacific Northwest. <DVD> 641.5 B768c
    A selection of 27 hotels from around the world. Each featured hotel offers an original experience. 910.202 K88b
Charm City: A Walk Through Baltimore by Madison Smart Bell. 2007.
    Bell gives readers a guide to the sights and the culture of Baltimore, MD. 917.52 B434c

Essential Do’s and Taboos: The Complete Guide to International Business and Leisure Travel by Roger E. Axtell. 2007.    
    In his travel etiquette guide Axtell covers protocol for international travel and for hosting internationals. 395.52 A972e 

    The author provides suggestions for various road trips in the South. 917.5904 S628f

     Mr. Gerchick tells all of the behind the scenes information about air travel that may surprise readers. 387.742 G365f
Hawaii. 2007.
    This DVD covers these Hawaiian sites: Oahu, Honolulu, Waikiki, Maui, and Pearl Harbor. <DVD> 919.69 H389
In the Footsteps of Marco Polo by Denis Belliveau & Francis O’Donnell. 2008.
    The two authors recreate the entire journey that Marco Polo took centuries ago, and they relay their experiences in this title. 915.04 B444i
    National Geographic’s travel writers share their favorite trips, which include a cruise around Antarctica to travels in the Andes. R 910.4 J86 OVERSIZE

    This is a guidebook for the whiskey distilleries in Kentucky. 338.4766 R361k
    Hollis shares the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the region surrounding it with readers. 917.68 H742l
    One-thousand things to the world over can be found in this travel and adventure guide. 910.202 M235
    In this combination of culinary and travel adventure, Shallek shares about his summer on the Mediterranean Sea. 641.5092 S528m
    The editors of Dorling Kindersley tell readers about destinations that replace or complement more popular attractions. 910.202 O32 OVERSIZE
    Color and black-and-white photographs accompany Steves' informative text in this book that covers all of the famous sites in Europe. 914.0456 S848b
    Hay presents information everything from the history of Americans traveling by water to the top ten river towns in the United States. 917.3 H412r
The Seventy Wonders of China edited by Jonathan Fenby. 2007.
    This travel book introduces readers to the history of China, the natural landscape features, and the monuments and museums that can be seen there. 951 S497

Travel: Where to Go When edited by Joseph Rosendo. 2007.
    Rosendo takes each month of the year and presents the travel destinations that match well with that month. R 910.202 T779 OVERSIZE Atlas
Travels in Siberia by Ian Frazier. 2010.
    A seasoned travel writer tells of his trip across Siberia, a region that covers one-seventh of the land on Earth. 957 F848t

Unforgettable Walks to Take Before You Die by Steve Watkins and Clare Jones. 2008.
    Beautiful photographs adorn this travel guide that features different walks to take. 910.202 W335u