Shakespeare in Film


    In this modern version of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, a young man can’t date the girl of his dreams until her much-hated older sister gets a date. <DVD> 791.43 T289
    Three humorous actors cover Shakespeare’s body of work in a mere 90 minutes. <DVD> 822.3 S524c
    Viewers can watch the musical version of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. <DVD> 791.43 K61
    The princess of France and her attendants visit Navarre. The king of Navarre, who thought he would never love again, finds that love may be possible once more. <DVD> 822.33 S527lo 2c.

    This version of Shakespeare’s comedy is performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. <DVD> 822.33 S527mi 

  Director Kenneth Branaugh leads a cast that includes: Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves, Emma Thompson, and Kate Beckinsale.<DVD> 822.33 S527mu   
    Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor star in this Shakespearean comedy about love. <DVD> 822.33 S527t 
    A set of twins gets separated after a shipwreck and each think the other one is dead. What follows is an amusing and confusing story of love and relationships. <DVD> 822.33 S527tw


    This Academy-Award winning version of Hamlet, the play where a Danish prince attempts to trap his father’s murderer, features the well-known actor Laurence Olivier, <DVD> 822.33 S527ha
    Kenneth Branaugh directs this film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. <DVD> 822.33 S527haml
    King Henry of England vies for the throne of France, and a great battle ensues that changes the continent of Europe. Kenneth Branaugh is the director of this version of the play. <DVD> 822.33 S527he
    Laurence Olivier acts and directs this 1944 production of Henry V. <DVD> 822.33 S527he2 

Julius Caesar
    The tragic story of Julius Caesar’s assassination is relayed in this Shakespeare play. <DVD> 822.33 S527ju
    The tragic story of Julius Caesar’s assassination is relayed in this Shakespeare play. Features performances by Marlon Brando, James Mason, and Deborah Kerr. <DVD> 822.33 S527jul
    Ian Holm stars in King Lear, the play about an aged king who wants to divide his kingdom among his children and the fallout that ensues. <DVD> 822.33 S527ki
    Actor Ian McKellan plays the lead in this version of Shakespeare's King Lear. <DVD> 822.33 S527kin 
    This is director Akira Kurosawa’s Japanese version of Shakespeare’s King Lear. This film won the Academy Award for best costume design. <DVD> 895.625 K9689r 

    Director Franco Zepherelli’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy features actors Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting.<DVD> 822.33 S527ro

    In this adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a samurai lord murders his master. The movie is done in the Japanese Noh theater style. <DVD> 895.624 K9689t
    This version of Shakespeare’s tragic play of a soldier who comes back from war and sows discord at home features actors Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange. <DVD> 822.33 S527ti

The Bard and His Plays 

In Search of Shakespeare written and presented by Michael Wood
    Based on the book written by Michael Wood, this is a video portrait of the life and work of William Shakespeare. <DVD> 822.3 S527
    This video series title provides information on Shakespeare’s use of language, the time period in which he lived, and Elizabethan drama. <DVD> 822.33 S527i
    This video series title provides information on what tragedy is, the subject of Oedipus Rex, and medieval tragedy. <DVD> 822.33 S527w
    This video series title provides insight into the plot of the tragic play Titus Andronicus and supporting material about the themes in the play. <DVD> 822.33 S527tit
    This video series title provides information on the plot and the major characters in the play Hamlet. <DVD> 822.33 S527ha1
    This video series title provides information on the themes found in Hamlet. <DVD> 822.33 S527ha2
    This video series title provides information on the plot of Macbeth and the use of language in the play.<DVD> 822.33 S527ma1
     This video series title provides information on the plot of King Lear, the town of Gloucester, and the characters within the play. <DVD> 822.33 S527ki1

     Actors, like Ethan Hawke, Jeremy Irons, and Derek Jacobi, provide commentary on Shakespeare and his plays. This DVD contains 6 episodes that features biographical information about Shakespeare and selected performances of his plays. <DVD> 822.33 S527u
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