Administrative Office Systems & Procedures

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Books & DVDs

Administrative Professional Careers


Anger Management

Anger Management edited by Lisa Krueger; 152.47 A587. 2009.
Calming the Anger Storm by Kathy A. Svitil; 152.47 S969c. 2005.

Business Attitudes & Professional Image

The Corporate Culture Survival Guide by Edgar H. Schein; 658.406 S319c. 2009.
Personality and Work: Reconsidering the Role of Personality in Organizations edited by Murray Barrick and Ann Marie Ryan; 158.7 P467. 2003.

Business Ethics

Business Ethics in Focus edited by Laura Parrish; 174.4 B979. 2007.

Business Organization

The Corporate Culture Survival Guide by Edgar Schein; 658.406 S319c. 2009.

Career Mentors

The AMA Guide to Management Development by Daniel Tobin and Margaret Pettingell. 658.4 T629a. 2008.
Improving Employee Performance Through Appraisal and Coaching by Donald Kirkpatrick. 658.3 K59i. 2006.
The Mentee's Guide: Making Mentoring Work for You by Lois Zachary. 650.1 Z1m. 2009.

Dealing with Difficult People & Different Personalities


151 Quick Ideas to Deal with Difficult People by Carrie Mason-Draffen. 650.13 M398o. 2007.


The Drama Free Office: A Guide to Healthy Collaboration with Your Team, Coworkers, and Boss by Jim Warner and Kaley Klemp. 658.3045 W282d. 2011.


Personality and Work: Reconsidering the Role of Personality in Organizations by Murray Barrick and Ann Marie Ryan. 158.7 P467. 2003.


Solving Employee Performance Problems: How to Spot Problems Early, Take Appropriate Action, and Bring Out the Best in Everyone by Ann Bruce, Brenda Hampel, and Erika Lamont. 658.3128 B886s. 2011.


Developing Excellent Customer Service

Phone Skills for the Information Age by Dorothy Maxwell. 651.73 M465p. 2006.
Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service by Dennis Snow, Teri Yanovitch. 658.812 S674u. 2010.


Harassment and Discrimination and Other Workplace Landmines by Gavin Appleby. 344.7301 A648h + CD-ROM. 2007.
Making Diversity Work: 7 Steps for Defeating Bias in the Workplace by Sondra Thiederman. 658.3041 T429m. 2008.
Race, Gender, and the Labor Market: Inequalities at Work by Robert Kaufman. 331.4 K21r. 2010. 
Your Rights in the Workplace by Barbara Kate Repa. 344.7301 R425y. 2007.


Hiring and Firing. 658.3 H668. 2008.

Employee's Right to Privacy

The Ethics of Workplace Privacy edited by Sven Hansson and Elin Palm. 331.11 E84. 2005.

Ergonomics & Office Design

Office Architecture and Design by Lara Menzel. 658.23 M551o. 2009.
Safety Manager's Guide to Office Ergonomics by Craig Chasen. 658.382 C487s. 2009.
Work!: Best of Office Design. 658.23 W926. 2008.

Going Green in the Office

It's Easy Being Green: A Handbook of Earth-Friendly Living by Crissy Trask. 333.72 T775i. 2006.     
Minding Your Business: Profits that Restore the Planet by Horst Rechelbacher. 658.408 R296m. 2008.

Laughter at Work


Death by PowerPoint: A Modern Office Survival Guide by Michael Flocker. 658.23 F628d. 2006.


It’s Not Funny if I Have to Explain It by Scott Adams. 650.1 A217i. 2004.


Leadership on the Job

Good Business: Excercising Effective and Ethical Leadership edited by James O'Toole and Don Mayer. 658.4092 G646. 2010.
Leadership: Theory and Practice by Peter Northouse. 303.34 N876l. 2010.
Women and the New Business Leadership by Peninah Thomson and Tom Lloyd. 658.4092 T484w. 2011.

Meeting & Event Planning

Robert's Rules in Plain English by Doris Zimmerman. 060.42 Z655r. 2005.
Taking Minutes of Meetings by Joanna Gutmann. 658.456 G984t. 2006.

Personal Security in the Office

The Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws by Lisa Guerin & Amy DelPo. 344.7301 G932e. 2009.
Your Rights in the Workplace by Barbara Kate Repa. 344.7301 R425y. 2007.

Professional Development

The Office Professional’s Guide edited by Erin McKean; R 651 O32. 2003.

Purchase & Care of Equipment

A Field Guide to Office Technology by Ed Sobey. R 651.2 S677s. 2007.

Sexual Harassment

Bullying and Sexual Harassment: A Practical Handbook by Tina Stephens and Jane Hallas. 658.3 S835b. 2006.
Harassment and Discrimination and Other Workplace Landmines by Gavin Appleby. 344.7301 A648h + CD-ROM. 2007. 
Your Rights in the Workplace by Barbara Kate Repa. 344.7301 R425y. 2007.

Stress Management

Get a Grip!: Overcoming Stress and Thriving in the Workplace by Bob Losyk. 158.72 L881g. 2005.

The Handbook of Work and Health Psychology edited by Marc J. Schabracq, et. al. 158.7 H236. 2003.
Managing Workplace Stress and Conflict Amid Change by Bahaudin Mujataba and Timothy McCartney. 155.9 M953m. 2007.


Send: The Essential Guide to E-mail for Office and Home by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe. 658 S557s. 2007.
Send: Why People E-mail So Badly and How to Do It Better by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe. 658.0546 S557s. 2008.

Temp Agencies

Human Resources Management by Wendell French. 658.3 F873h. 2007.
Start Your Own Staffing Service: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success by Kristen Turner, Alan Breznick, and Rachel Adelson. 331.128 T948s. 2004.

Time Management 

The Time Trap: The Classic Book on Time Management by Alec Mackenzie and Pat Nickerson. 650.11 M157t. 2009. 

Virtual Office & Office of the Future

The 21st Century Office: Architecture and Design for the New Millennium by Jeremy Myerson and Philip Ross. 725.23 M996t. 2003.
At Work, at Home: Design Ideas for Your Home Workplace by Neal Zimmerman. 747.73 Z72a. 2001.
The Design of Future Things by Donald Norman. 745.2 N842d. 2007. 


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