Bibliography last updated June 23, 2017
The AMA Guide to Management Development by Daniel R. Tobin and Margaret S. Pettingell. 2008.
    The authors discuss the topics of executive training, leadership, mentoring in business, and career development. 658.4 T629a

Bringing out the Best in People by Aubrey Daniels. 2016. 
    Daniels covers the topics of: employee motivation, psychological reinforcement, performance, and personnel management in this title. 658.314 D186b

    The authors cover the topics of mentoring in business, coaching of employees, and organizational learning. 658.3124 P266c
    Renton explains what coaching and mentoring are, and outlines the different types and costs of each of them. 658.3124 R422c
    This guide offers advice and practical information about how to effectively coach and mentor. 658.4071 C652
The Elements of Mentoring by W. Brad Johnson and Charles R. Ridley. 2008.
    Johnson and Ridley detail the topics of mentoring in business, mentoring in education, and employee counseling in this guide. 658.3124 J71e

    Designed for workers who want to focus on getting ahead, this title contains information about how to get a sponsor at work.

Improving Employee Performance Through Appraisal and Coaching by Donald L. Kirkpatrick. 2006.
Using case studies, the author guides managers and human resources personnel in how to improve performance. Appraisal forms that come from actual corporations are included with the text. 658.3 K59i

The Manager as Mentor by Michael J. Marquardt and Peter Loan. 2006.

    The authors discuss methods for establishing a mentoring program and the current trends in mentoring. 658.3 M357m
The Manager’s Guide to Mentoring by Curtis J. Crawford. 2010.
    Mr. Crawford presents the topic of mentoring in business to his readers. 658.3124 C899m
    Mr. Maxwell’s manual on mentoring includes the following topics: what to know before you start, how to have a mentor’s mind-set, whom to mentor, and how to create a mentoring environment. 658 M465m

Modern Mentoring by Randy Emelo. 2015. 
    Mr. Emelo suggests that all members of an organization can be mentors and proteges. 658.3124 E533m
    Trautman explains the concept of peer mentoring, and he lists ways that this process can be used to aid in training and knowledge transfer. Sample training plans are included. 658.3 T677t
Toyota Talent: Developing Your People the Toyota Way by Jeffrey K. Liker and David P. Meier. 2007.
    The authors present the methods used by Toyota executives to motivate, encourage, and lead their employees to become the best at their jobs. 658.3124 L727tt