Bibliography revised June 23, 2017
    The author dispels some myths about capitalism and discusses the effects of capitalism on the global economy. 330.122 C456t  
    The author discusses Africa’s place in a global economy. 382.096 M214a

    What is bitcoin, and what effect does it have on the global economy? Learn more about bitcoin and other cybermonies by reading this book. 332.42 V678a
    This is a guide to managing and marketing a business in the ever-changing global economy. 658.8 Q38a
    Longworth presents how globalization has affected the Midwest. 973.931 L859c
China, the Developing World, and the New Global Dynamic. edited by Lowell Dittmer and George T. Yu. 2010. 337.51 C539
   In this medical title, the author discusses how trade has helped spread diseases throughout history, but how the global economy has allowed diseases to spread even quicker. 614.4 H321c
Food and Globalization: Consumption, Markets, and Politics in the Modern World. Edited by Alexander Nutzenadel and Frank Trentmann. 2008.
    Even though the term globalization has been around for just a few years the concept is old. The authors of this book detail the history of the trade and transportation of food and how, as a global industry, it has shaped the modern world. 382.41 F686
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Globalization. Edited by David Haugen and Rachel Mach. 2010.
    The issue of globalization is discussed in this Opposing Viewpoints series title. 303.482 G562
    A scholar on the subject of the Chinese economy discusses how economic growth in China, the Euro, and the U.S. dollar impact the global economy. 382.17 P511g

    Bacon argues the affects of globalization on immigrants. 331.6 B128i
The Lexus and the Olive Tree. Thomas L. Friedman. 2000.
    Friedman discusses globalization and how different societies are affected by it. 337 F911l
    Thakkar sheds light on the economic growth and development of African countries

Making It: Why Manufacturing Still Matters. Louis Uchitelle.  338.4767 U17m. 2017.
   The topics of offshore manufacturing, international trade, and the U.S. are covered here.
    Covers the social impacts of globalization. 331.11 B786n 
    Chronicles the consumer movement and its role in the global economy. 381.34 H656p

Tangled Titans: The United States and China. Edited by David Shambaugh. 2013
    Contains articles about the relationship (economic and political) between China and the United States. 327.7305 T164
    Discusses food supply and food sustainability. 338.19 P496t

    Fischer’s book lists the pros and cons of globalization. 337 F529w
    Friedman discusses how the interconnectedness of the world affects us. 303.4833 F911w