Event Management


Event Management & Planning

    This guide covers topics on event management and planning, and specific events such as New York galas are also included. 2008. R 642.4 A784 
    In this event planning guide readers learn how to decorate for and plan for a special event. 2006. 394.2 M753a
    Kilkenny presents a variety of event planning methods and ideas in this handbook. 2006. 394.2 K48c
    The event planning world is the focus of this documentary that presents information on salary, career outlook, and the different types of event planners. 2008. <DVD> 394.2 C748      
Elegant Eating: Four-Hundred Years of Dining in Style edited by Phillipa Glanville and Hilary Young. 2002.
    Table setting and decoration, tableware guides, and a discussion of European food habits are all discussed in this guide. 642.82 E138
    Ms. Rosen covers the subject of setting the table with information about napkin folding, flatware, crystal, table décor, and china. 642.6 R813e
Brenda Carlos. 2005.
    The authors have created a comprehensive guide to event planning for a variety of different events and venues. 394.2 V228e
    From researching the target audience for the event to the logistical plan for the event, Saget’s guide details how to successfully market and execute an event. 658.87 S129e
    Here is a helpful, informative guide on how to create a successful event. 658.456 A427e
Miller. 2005.
    In this DVD there is comprehensive coverage of the principles, standards, and practices that define outstanding service in the hospitality industry. <DVD> 642 E961
Fabulous Parties: Food and Flowers for Elegant Entertaining by Mark Held, Richard David, and Peggy Dark. 2008.
    Written by two floral designers and a caterer, this book features gorgeous photographs and insightful tips to inspire party planners with their next event. 642.4 H474f
Global Meetings and Exhibitions by Carol Krugman and Rudy R. Wright. 2007.
    The authors provide the fundamental guidelines of meetings, conventions, and exhibitions. 658 K943g
    The author uses worksheets and other tools to guide those interested in setting up an event planning business in their home. 394.2068 M829h
Management of Event Operations by Julia Tum, Phillipa Norton, J. Nevan Wright. 2006.
    A resource guide on how to successfully manage and execute a special event. 394.2 T925m
Remarkable Banquet Service by Ezra Eichelberger. 2014.      
    Per the publisher, “this book provides event professionals with advice on everything from food and beverage skills to managing staff and coordinating with vendors such as florists, wedding planners, and musicians.” 642 E341r

    An event management guide for those planning special events. 394.2 G618e
    Designed to aid the seasoned professional as well as the newly minted event manager, this guide contains detailed information on planning and executing an event. 394.26 G618s
Start and Run an Event Planning Business by Cindy Lemaire and Mardi Foster-Walker. 2005.
    The authors give readers ideas for how to set-up and maintain an event planning business, covering everything from the business site to working with suppliers. 394.2068 L545s

Start Your Own Event Planning Business by Amy Jean Peters. 2007.
    Ms. Peters details ways to manage and grow an event planning business. 394.2068 S796

Wedding Planning Guides

Easy Wedding Planning Plus by Elizabeth and Alex Lluch. 2007.
    The authors explain to readers all of the details involved with planning a wedding.  395.22 L793e
   A frugal guide for how to plan a wedding. 395.22 L528h

    This is a how-to guide on how to start a wedding planning business. The author includes tips for all types of weddings too. 392.5068 M829h
The Military Wedding by Vanessa Baldwin. 2008.
    A guide to planning a wedding and reception for those in the armed forces. 395.02 B182m
    Miss Manners gives readers a step-by-step guide to planning and having a successful wedding. 395.22 M381m
    A wedding planner’s guide for how to coordinate a wedding. 395.22 P238w
    The authors cover all of the basics about wedding planning and etiquette. 395.2 A873w
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