Anatomy & Physiology Books & DVDs

Bibliography last updated November 3, 2015
A.D.A.M Student Atlas of Anatomy by Todd Olson, Wojciech Pawlina.
    This atlas contains full-color drawings of the human body, and it is organized in sections like the thorax, the head, and the limbs. R 611 O52a
A & P Applications Manual by Frederic Martini and Kathleen Welch.
    Here is a pathological anatomy guide for allied health students. R 616.89 M386a

Anatomica’s Body Atlas edited by Denise Imwold, Janet Parker, and Catherine Fallis.
    This atlas presents a color guide to the human body. R 611 A615
Anatomy and Physiology by Phillip Pack.
    A Cliffs Notes guide to anatomy and physiology. 612.002 P119a
Atlas and Epitome of Human Histology and Microscopic Anatomy by Johannes Sobotta, edited by G. Carl Huber
    Covers the field of microscopic anatomy. R 611.018 S677a
Atlas of Anatomy by Anne Gilroy, Brian MacPherson, Lawrence Ross.
    The authors present an atlas of the entire human body, and there are full-color illustrations to enhance the text. R 611.0022 G489a

Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy by Kenneth Moses, et al.
    Using over 500 photographs and an additional 200 drawings, this atlas is designed to help students understand human anatomy. R 611 A881 (this is located with the atlases)

Atlas of Human Anatomy by Mark Nielsen and Shawn Miller.
    The authors present information about human anatomy in a clear, abridged format. Illustrations accompany the text. R 611 N669a
Body Atlas produced by the Learning Channel.
    Disc 1: in the womb; glands; Disc 2: muscle and bone; breath; Disc 3: skin; digestion; taste & smell; Disc 4: visual; body defense; sex; Disc 5: heart; hearing; brain <DVD> 612 B668

Body in Numbers by Discovery Health.
    Covers the human body from birth to death in separate 4 episodes. <DVD> 612 B668

Color Atlas of Anatomy: A Photographic Study of the Human Body by Johannes Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, and Elke Lutjen-Drecoll.
    Students learn about the organs and their function in the body with this guide. R 611.0022 R737c
Color Atlas of Human Anatomy edited by Vanio Vannini and Giuliano Pogliani 
    Full-color images make up this anatomy guide. R 611 R737c
    According to the book cover, students can, “explore human anatomy through virtually life-size 3-D illustrations and scans.” R 612 C737 OVERSIZE
Crash Course Anatomy by Noelle Granger.
    Designed like lecture notes, this guide contains the essential information allied health students need to understand about human anatomy. 611 G758a
    Organized by body functions, this guide has sample lab exercises and a CD-ROM students can use to supplement the text. 612 R627d
    The author presents facts about human anatomy without overwhelming students with complicated descriptions. 612 M334e
    This DVD contains basic information on food, and it covers the process of digestion. <DVD> 612.3 F686
    The four body systems: skeletal, muscular, respiratory, and circulatory are discussed in this DVD. <DVD> 611 979

Gray’s Anatomy for Students by Richard Drake, Wayne Vogl, and Adam Mitchell.
    The authors cover the details of human anatomy in this text. Over 1,000 illustrations are included in the title. R 611 D762

The Handy Anatomy Answer Book by Naomi Balaban and James Bobick.
    This reference book covers the human body, system by system, for allied health students. R 611 B171h

How the Body Works: Skin, Bones & Muscles produced by Spektrum Akademischer Verlag. 
    With X-rays, action photography, and graphics, the producers show how the skin, bones, and muscles work. <DVD> 612 H847

Human Immune System by Alisse Wobser.
    In this short video students learn about the functions of the human immune system. <DVD> 616.079 H918
    In this short video students learn about the functions of the human reproductive system. <DVD> 612.6 H918
A Photographic Atlas for the Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory by Kent Van de Graaf and John Crawley.
    The authors give students the terms other basics about the human body. Photographs are included. 612.0222 V22p (in office reserve)
    Mr. Macaulay covers all aspects of the human body from the fingers to the toes. Detailed drawings are included. 612 M117w