Bibliography last updated on February 12, 2016
The Accountant's Guide to the Universe: Heaven and Hell by the Numbers by Craig Hovey. 2010.
           This is an accounting book written for non-accountants. It discusses basic accounting concepts and ethical issues related to accounting. 657 H846a
Accountants’ Handbook edited by D.R. Carmichael, O. Ray Whittington, and Lynford Graham. 2007.
A comprehensive guide that contains information about all aspects of accounting.   R 657 A172 v.1-2

Accounting Best Practices by Steven Bragg. 2007.
Written by a practicing accountant, a guide outlining best practices for accountants.
657.222 B813a 5th ed
Accounting and Business Ethics: An Introduction by Ken McPhail and Diane Walter. 2009.
General information about ethical considerations related to accounting. 
174.4 M172a

Accounting, Business, and Finance by Candace S. Gulko. 2009.
Ms. Gulko has compiled a list of jobs for those interested in accounting. 332.023 G972a 

Accounting Demystified by Leita Hart-Fanta. 2011.
            Ms. Hart-Fanta breaks down complex topics like debits and credits and balance sheets to enable readers to understand accounting concepts. 657 H325a

Accounting Handbook by Joel Siegel and Jae K. Shim. 2010.
          Siegel and Shim provide an overview of accounting concepts, and their book also has a dictionary of
             accounting terms. R 657 S571a

Barron's Accounting Handbook by Jae K. Shim. 2015.
             Shim gives readers basic accounting information and discusses GAAP and IFRS, along with appropriate reporting procedures. R 657 S556b
          This is a dictionary of useful and common accounting terms. R 657.03 F368c
Dictionary of Accounting Terms by Jae Shim and Joel Siegel.   2010.
The authors define more than 2,500 accounting terms in this dictionary for those studying accounting.  R 657.03 S556d

Government Auditing Standards. 2001.
         Also known as, "The Yellow Book," this is the U.S. Government guide to auditing standards. R 657.835 U58g
How to Read and Understand Financial Statements When You Don’t Know What You Are Looking At by Brian Kline.  2007.
Kline presents managerial accounting and financial statements.  658.15 K65h
Just-in-Time Accounting: How to Decrease Costs and Increase Efficiency by Steven M. Bragg. 2009. 
Mr. Bragg provides a basic guide creating an efficient accounting department.  657 B813j

Keeping the Books: Basic Recordkeeping and Accounting for the Successful Small Business by Linda Pinson. 2007.
Practical information about bookkeeping for the small business.  657.2 P658k 

Keys to Reading an Annual Report by George Thomas Friedlob and Ralph E. Welton. 2008.
A guide to reading financial statements and auditor’s reports.  657.3 F911k

Management Accounting Best Practices: A Guide for the Professional Accountant by Steven Bragg. 2007.
In this book, Bragg helps accountants and controllers in making wise decisions.  658.15 B813m 

Mastery of the Financial Accounting Research System (FARS) Through Cases by Wanda Wallace. 2008.
In this second edition, Wallace teaches readers how to use FARS.  657 W195m

More Than a Numbers Game: A Brief History of Accounting by Thomas King. 2006.
An overview of more than 100 years of accounting history in the United States.
657.0973 K54m

Pareto’s 80/20 Rule for Corporate Accountants by David Parmenter. 2007.
The author outlines the Pareto Principle and gives examples of practices that have been used by accountants.  657 P254p
Sarbanes Oxley in Leading Economies by Sanjay Anand and Anthony Tarantino. 2010.
           This guide covers the basic components of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and it discusses the act in relation to the global  
economy. 346.7306 A533s
Covers corporate accounting laws and regulations.  346.73 M317s
Shapland and Turner: Cases in Financial Accounting by Julia Shapland and Cynthia Turner. 2013
          A variety of business cases with familiar accounting scenarios make up this book. 657 S524s
Small Business Accounting Simplified by Daniel Sitarz. 2010.
This guide to accounting procedures for small businesses includes a CD-ROM with further information and forms to use.  657.9042 S623s
Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts as Amended: Accounting Standards. 2007.
Has the full-texts of six of the seven as of 2007 Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts.
R 657.45 F491s

The Ultimate Accountants’ Reference: Including GAAP, IRS, and SEC Regulations, Leases and More by Steven Bragg. 2010.
Updated guidelines for financial reporting are found here.  

658.0973 B813u

Understanding IFRS Fundamentals by A. Nandakumar. 2010.

This is a guide to the International Financial Reporting Standards. Includes case studies, definitions, and illustrations.  

R 657 U55 2010

Wiley GAAP 2010: Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles by Barry Epstein.  2009.
This is a guide of GAAP for CPAs, students, and financial professionals.  657 E64w
In this updated guide is information about SAS, SSAE, and SSARS.  R 657.45 B813w 2010