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Why i love iPod?



 Arun T      

    * Location: Trivandrum : Kerala : India
    * Wishlist: Google Page Invitations 4 friends.

About Me

I am a person who admire simple things. i like to dream...... a lot!


I love Google very much. I will soon be migrating  my Blog blog to this domain. i love iPod too


    * Computers
    * Searching in Google (Googling)
    * Hacking (means clever way of doing things)
    * Technology
    * Other people's interests
    * Finding New Interests
    * Mobile.

Favorite Movies

    * All movies of MohanLal

Favorite Music

    * Songs by Yesudas
    * Chitra

Favorite Books

    * Currently Reading - A Tiger for Malgudi R.K. Narayan



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