Members & Staff

Rotating Meeting Chairs:
    Liz Chipman, Community Alliance of Human Services
    Brenda Burns, Sullivan County Nutrition Services, Newport
    Pam Joslin, United Valley Interfaith Project
Open, Turning Point Networks, Claremont
Open, West Central Behavioral Health, Claremont
Open, Valley Regional Hospital
Leah Torrey & Shirley "Kit" Griggs, United Valley Interfaith Project
Aare Ilves, Citizen Representative residing in Charlestown
Becky Holland, Southwestern Community Services, Inc.,
Pam Joslin, Community Alliance Transportation, Newport (Alternate)
Hellena Kos - Mark Mills, Alternate, Pathways of the River Valley, Claremont
Doreen Kusselow, NH BEAS, Ex-Officio
Patrick C. Herlihy, NH DOT, Bureau of Rail & Transit, Ex-Officio