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85th Birthday

This page was prepared as a tribute to Wes Sullivan's 85th birthday ... about a year before he died.
To Wes Sullivan:

There once was a man they called Wes
Who thought all his children were best.
When he turned 85
He said, "Man alive!
I can't keep them straight, I confess!" 

-- With love, from your children and grandchildren

To help you remember your four children,
here's a limerick about each ...

Steve Sullivan 
Your eldest son Steve is the king
Of designing computer machines.
Now it's hard when you know
That your laptop won't go
And your son might have built the damn thing.

Nancy Sullivan
Nancy grew up with three brothers.
This was tough both on her and her mother.
But it turns out it paid,
'Cause she grew up and made
A career out of counseling others.

Dave Sullivan
Son Dave is Nancy's successor.
He likes Math but was always a guesser.
He thinks trends are fun
And votes Re-Publi-cun
So of course he's a business professor.

Bill Sullivan
Can a child inherit a skill?
For proof of this, look at son Bill.
Like his Dad he can write
Half a book in a night,
And he penned this doger-ill.

To help you remember your grandchildren ...

Karen Sullivan
They say Finland's the finest of places
Blessed with reindeer and wide-open spaces
But I'd rather go antiquing
Than over there speaking
A language with seventeen cases.

Ian Sullivan
In a dungeon of dark erudition
There dwells Ian, the astrophysician.
But to further his musing
Should he really be using
Intercontinental munitions?

Mick Synodis
When video-game villains grow haughty
Mick Synodis will punish the naughty.
His tireless assault
Only comes to a halt
When he pauses to make manicotti.

A n a   S y n o d i s 
You have a grandchild named Ana,
Who has a funny Chihuahua,
She dresses with flare,
And is always there,
For all of her family and their fauna.

Mary Lowd
Far to the north lives a little girl named Mary,
Who dwells in a hobbit hole near a ferry,
She writes lots of features,
About all sorts of creatures,
and up to the stars they'll you carry.

Molly Parker
One grandchild was wed
While still a babe in her bed
Yet this girl Molly has shown
That she has always known
How to follow the dreams in her head.

The card from Bob and Betty Corey

Eighty-Five (Sung to the tune of "Oklahoma!")

Eigh-----ty Five!
When a twinge comes right below your back.
Some say it's old,
But Wes is bold.
He's a guy who's used to taking flak!

Eigh------ty Five!
Every night his honeybunch and he
Sit and play guitar;
He'll be a star,
'Less he falls asleep watching TV!

You know we're all fond of you, Wes.
A prince of a guy -- you're the best!

So when we say,
We're only saying,
"You're doing fine, Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday, to Wes!"
Eight five eight five eight five eight five
Happy Birth ---- day!

Ruth gave Wes a surprise birthday party in Palm Desert