Wes & Elsie

Elsie married Wes Sullivan on March 14, 1943.  Their marriage lasted just over 50 years until she died of Alzheimer's disease.  Here is their Christmas card celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

Wes Sullivan was the editor of Salem's Oregon Statesman newspaper and chairman of the editorial board of the Statesman-Journal.

Elsie and Wes in their Waller Street apartment

In this view Elsie stands before a cooked salmon on Lincoln beach.

Wes and Elsie in the Bush Pasture camas field

Elsie and Wes in Siletz pasture

This view shows Wes hard at work cracking a crab at Sullishak.

1983 Christmas card having just returned from a trip to Japan

1986 Christmas card from Grand Canyon Country

Wes and Elsie Sullivan in 1945
Elsie and Wes in 1945