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In February 2004, Steve Sullivan sent family members the following email message:

Family --

A few months ago Dee (Lewis) Crean, her husband, Dave, and their daughter, Courtney used the beach cabin for a couple cold stormy days. Today we found a cribbage board in our mail box. Not just any cribbage board. With it was this note from Dave.

Yan and Steve,

When we were enjoying your generous hospitality at Lincoln Beach, Dee and I looked for a cribbage board to have a game or two. We were unable to find one.

As I felt I would like to contribute to the retreat in some way, I picked up this piece of drift bark and turned it into a homemade cribbage board. In the future I hope it brings many hours of fun and pleasure to you and your guests.

Thanks again for a wonderful time with Dee and Courtney.

Dave Crean

I have attached a snapshot (please pardon the low quality) of the cribbage board. Please note the art work at the top.

This is really nice!  Thank you, Dave and Dee.