Southwestern University has 53 SMART classrooms that provide the ability for students, faculty, staff and presenters to use and display various forms of media. Each classroom is typically equipped with a Mac or PC, or both, and connections to attach a laptop or tablet. Additional items include CD/DVD/CD player, videotape player, document camera, speakers, projector and screen. In some locations additional components, such as Blu-ray player, webcam, slide projector, audio cassette player and phonograph, are present.

To explore details of each location, click/tap on either the building code in the table below or on the corresponding tab above for the building. Hovering over a building tab above will display the rooms and click/tap on the room number to access information about the room.

Code Building
CB Cullen [Roy and Lillie Cullen Building]
CJR Robertson [Corbin J. Robertson Center]
FAC Fine Arts Center [Alma Thomas Fine Arts Center]
FJS Fondren-Jones [Fondren-Jones Science Hall]
JMH Mundy [Joe S. Mundy Hall]
KEW White [Kyle E. White Building]
MBH Mood [Mood-Bridwell Hall]
Olin Olin [F. W. Olin Building]
PRC Prothro [Prothro Center for Lifelong Learning]
SLC Library [A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library Center]

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