Sukhoidave's Custom Tying Tools
unique handcrafted fly tying tools with split cane bamboo handles and fancy feather inlays 

My tools are made individually by hand.  No two are

exactly alike.  I use sections from old split cane

bamboo rods for the handles and add feathers by

overcoating them with non-yellowing polyurethane. 


I started out making dubbing needles as that is

very simple.  I then began bending piano wire to

create whip finish knot tying tools.  Most of the

other tools that I have made came from requests

so please feel free to contact me with suggestions. 


So far tools I have made are:


Dubbing needles with ultra fine, fine, standard,

large/long, and large guage needles.

Whip finisher tools small, standard, and oversized.

Dubbing brushes

Bobbin threaders

Burnishing tools

Dot (eye) painting tools

Paint brushes

Mono loop whip finish tying tools


I can add handles to some pre-made tools like

bobbins, dubbing loops, hackle pliers, - pretty

much anything with a handle small enough for me

to make from the bamboo rod sections. 

Pricing on those items reflects my purchase price

plus the price of customizing.



Close ups of some of the feathers on my tools:


Jungle cock spear/kingfisher/jungle cock nail



Jassid dry fly theme - I used my model airplane

building hobby skills to create a waterslide decal of

size 20 dry fly hook and black hackle - then added a

tiny jungle cock nail to create the illusion of a fly on

the tool.



Golden Witch streamer wing theme: Grizzly saddle

hackle/golden pheasant tippet/jungle cock nail

All my tools have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

If the tool ever fails to perform to your satisfaction 

simply return it to me for repair or replacement. 

"I was given one of Dave Wood's fine custom fly tying tools at a wet fly class I taught several years ago. I kept it with my tools for a few weeks, not using it. When I began using it, it became an instant favorite. I have totally discarded my original Matarelli Whip Finisher that I had been using for over 15 years, and I now use Dave's custom-made tool instead.
Besides being beautiful, I love it because with its larger bamboo handle it is far easier to pick up when I need it, and using it has such a wonderful manual feel in my hand. I receive many compliments on it when I am demo tying at shows, classes, etc. Thanks, Dave, for your fine work!"
Don Bastian - Professional Flytyer, Forgotten Flies contributor, DVD "Author."
I've been the proud owner of one of Dave's bamboo bodkins for more than three years now, and it's become one of the handiest tools on my bench. It's so light that I can comfortably park it in the corner of my mouth as I tie and have it instantly available without having to look for it. The needle, which is finer gauge than those found on most bodkins, allows me to varnish heads with pinpoint accuracy and without overdoing the amount of head cement. As a budding bamboo rod builder, I rather appreciate the bodkin's aesthetics as well.
John McCoy - Outdoor journalist and creator of Ray Bergman's Trout classic wet fly collection.
One of my first batches
A nice set with the jassid dry fly theme

I have a LOT of tools ready to go as of 1/30/13