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Alcohol is a mixed blessing: a boon in moderation and a bane in excess. It also has very different socioeconomic impact on people from different backgrounds and status. For effective alcohol regulation, neither prohibition works nor does drunken revelry. We propose solutions based on evidence and not ideology.

Sukant Khurana, Ph.D. is a New York, USA based scientist, known for his work on sensory systems, addiction, learning and memory. He has conducted research at the National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore India, The University of Texas at Austin, TX and is currently working at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. He is guiding and collaborating research in over a dozen places, including several in US, Europe and India. In recent years he has been involved in many high tech sectors. He is active in campaigning for issues of corporate responsibility, environmental issues, education, scientific thinking, reducing corruption in India and improving affordable healthcare. He has been an avid artist. Some of  his art can been viewed at:

Here is a link to some of my articles on alcoholism and alcohol related issues in the popular press. Some of the articles are reprints of my previous publications, while most are exclusive publications. These articles and an upcoming book are a collaboration with Brooks Robinson, an Austin based neuroscientist. Please watch out for our upcoming books on alcoholism and addiction.