The rights of the citizens of whatever race are protected and embedded in the Constitutional documents.

The recent media spotlight on Balkis has drawn public attention to the rights of a society and the parameters from which it operates.    

When complaints are not pursued, it does not mean that they are without basis. Matters can come to an abrupt end because of a variety of factors.

Statements made in frustration by an employee have to be examined in the context of the surrounding circumstances

At a time when prices of goods are on the rise, every amount extra that has to be paid by a consumer counts. Thus, it is necessary to know where goods can be bought more cheaply compared to other places. This is to ensure savings where possible.

Assemblies, processions and meetings are the basic elements of the democratic process, and should be appreciated for what they represent.

Elections do not provide immunity against defamatory speeches. However, qualified privileges provide a measure of protection if the permissible limits are not breached.

A buyer’s rights are governed by the contract entered into, and rarely by the claims made in an advertisement.

It is sometimes risky being a civic-conscious citizen

Almost everyone has a private life. Even public figures have a private life which they would like to keep private, though this is not always possible. Disclosure of a person’s private life can have a variety of consequences.

When a former employee joins a rival organisation, what are the restraints that he may face?

The right to be heard depends on the circumstances of each case.

Ordinary and specific laws that enable preventive detention ensure that offences are punished, and conduct that can cause turmoil is pre-empted, but there’s still room for improvement