Watch Tosh.0 Season 4 Episode 14 TBA Video

Watch Tosh.0 Season 4 Episode 14 TBA Online Stream, Free Tosh.0 Season 4 Episode 14 TBA HD Youtube Video Host and comedian Daniel Tosh talks all things Internet in his new weekly series, uncovering new technology as well as old. "Tosh.O" tells all about blogs, tweets and pokes, giving viewers an inside look at the world wide web. Web Redemption for the Skateboarder Hit By Truck with guest star Tony Hawk. Daniel makes a Kick Starter campaign to become a trillionaire. And he tells everyone what's wrong with Google. I liked Daniel Tosh's comedy before anyone had heard of him. My sides hurt from laughing after listening to his first act, "True Stories I Made Up." He upped the bar with "Completely Serious." So I was pretty excited when I heard he was getting a show...then was disappointed when it was yet another Soup variation, especially with Web Soup already running. I was in for a pleasant surprise. Tosh excels at social commentary, and the goofy grin that shows on his face as he nonchalantly spouts off the most politically incorrect and tongue in cheek remarks you could dream up will just about have you dying.

Watch Tosh.0 Season 4 Episode 14

From time to time, an episode falls flat, and sometimes the show can get a little TOO gross (I can't take looking at compound fractures or people squeezing pus out of boils). Occasionally I'll be offended by something he says, but overall, Tosh is very consistent. Awesome show!