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Harvey was always the winner due to his persona, but now keeps losing because of it. Louis was always loyal yet passed over, but can now gain the upper hand by sacrificing his values. Jessica has always been in power through her ability to control all of the pieces, but now cannot retain it due to the pieces revolting. And Mike, who was always a screw up at everything except when it came to his grandmother, finally gets his life together but drops the ball there. In other words, the only way for Mike to feel conflicted on the same level as the other characters was for him to lose her.Watch Suits  Season 2 Episode 10 Online, Suits  2x10 Free, Watch Suits  S02E10 Online Full Episode, Watch Suits  Season 2 Episode 10  Online Free From Suits  Season 2 Episode 10, Watch Suits  Season 2 Episode 10 Online, Suits  2x10 Free, Watch Suits  S02E10 Online Full Episode, 

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Now, just like all of the other characters, Mike will have a decision to make: does he fully embrace his new life, or does the passing of his grandmother make him take a step back and revaluate? Do not be mistaken; the fact that Mike is facing a parallel decision to the one Harvey just faced five years ago is no coincidence. Rachel accused him of turning into Harvey two weeks ago for a reason, and now we will see if he really has.
Harvey is still psuedo-stalking Donna, this time allegedly to bring her a bonus check that she doesn't want. She's still angry with him, especially when he gives her the mother of all puppy dog faces. "I am not in love with you, Harvey. I love you like a brother or a cousin," she tells him. "I told her I can't be me without you," he retorts, which A) is a lie and B) would be an awesome line in a romantic comedy. An amused Donna agrees to come back under two conditions, the first of which is a replacement for the bonus check she just ripped up, and the second which isn't yet revealed to the audience.
At Pearson Hardman, all the buzz is about the impending vote for the managing partner position. The race is dead even, at least until Hardman calls Louis into his office. Hardman intends to name Louis senior partner, giving him exactly what he's always pined for, but he also expects Louis to side with him when the vote is taken.
Donna makes her triumphant return to the firm and promptly fires her replacement, which is revealed as the second condition of her comeback. When Louis makes an attempt to apologize to her for how he treated her ​during the mock trial, Donna realizes from his wardrobe what's happened, and she tells Jessica, who realizes that Hardman has bought Louis' deciding vote and calls Hardman out on it. Not that Hardman cares.
Harvey and Mike are in court, where he's arguing on behalf of a TV personality (that's ​Whose Line Is It Anyway?​ alum Jeff B. Davis) in trouble for libel. The judge orders that the case will proceed to trial, after which the opposing counsel tells Harvey that to settle, they want "an on-air complete retraction." When they get back, Mike's grandmother is at the office; seems she brought him lunch, because she wanted to meet the people he works with. To call that "awkward" is putting it mildly.