Old Dogs & Drunken Sailors

Concerning the elderly it is very often said, "At the end of life one becomes more and more like a child."
Something like that anyway.
A child, an infant, learns more each day, growing, exploring, perceiving in new and broader ways, making more and more contacts with external reality (of a mostly mundane or physical sort); an infant's health is, in normal cases, good, clear, clean. However, end of life, specifically being elderly and at end of life, rather than becoming again like a child -- for the dying senior person, being at the end of life is much more like becoming an old dog and a drunken sailor.

Here's one way of construing it: Shortly after The Fall dogs began to grow old; a little longer after The Fall sailors began to drink. Old dogs and drunken sailors. This is their story...senior citizens at the end of the line.

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