JungJae Park (ecspj@nus.edu.sg)

I am an assistant professor in the economics department at National University of Singapore (Since 2013).
Ph.D., Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013

Research Interests

International Macroeconomics, International Finance, Computational Economics.

Published Papers
  • Sovereign Default and Capital Accumulation (updated).  Journal of International Economics, Vol. 106, May 2017, Pages 119-133.  (previously circulated as " Sovereign Default Risk and Business Cycles of Emerging Economies")

Working Papers

  • Contagion of Sovereign Default Risk: the Role of Two Financial Frictions (pdf). Under Review
  • Debauchery and Original Sin: the Currency Composition of Sovereign Debt (pdf :updated). (With Charles Engel). 

Work in Progress

  •  The Differential Effects of LTV (Loan to Value ratio) Policy on Housing Prices: Singapore's Case. (With Liu Haoming).
  •  Accounting for Rapid Fertility Declines in Developing Countries. (With Sunha Myong and Junjian Yi). 

Seminar and Conference Presentation
  • 2011: Atlanta Fed, UW-Madison
  • 2012: UW-Madison, Federal Reserve Board
  • 2013: NYU, Bank of Canada, Federal Reserve Board, University of Virginia, UC-Riverside, National University of Singapore, Bank of Korea, Korea Institute of Finance, Samsung Economic Research Institution. Asian Econometric Society Meeting (Singapore).
  • 2014: National University of Singapore, SED 2014 (Toronto)
  • 2015: ASSA (Boston), Atlanta Fed, UW-Madison, Columbia University (EF Colloquium), University of Rochester, Chicago Fed.
  • 2016: CEF 2016 (Bordeaux), Barcelona GSE Summer Forum, North America Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society (Philly), Sogang University  (Seoul), National University Of Singapore, Conference on International Finance hosted by San Francisco Fed and CUHK (Shenzhen).
  • 2017: Asian Econometric Society Meeting (Hong Kong), SED 2017 (Edinburgh), North America Summer Meetings of Econometric Society 2017 (St. Louis), NBER Summer Institute 2017 (Cambridge, MA), Korea University (scheduled), Sungkyunkwan University (scheduled), Sogang University (Scheduled).

Other Work Experience

  • Dissertation Intern at Atlanta Fed (2011)
  • Dissertation Intern at Federal Reserve Board (2012)   

Referee Service

  • Journal of International Economics, Journal of Money, Credit & Banking, Review of Finance, Review of International Economics, Review of Economic Dynamics, Journal of European Economic Assosiation. 

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Contact Information                              

National University of Singapore
Department of Economics
AS2 Level 6, 1 Arts Link
Singapore 117568
Mobile: +65) 9641-6073
Office:  +65) 6516-4872
email: ecspj@nus.edu.sg   

Charles Engel (primary) : cengel@ssc.wisc.edu
Dean Corbae :  corbae@ssc.wisc.edu
Kenneth West: kdwest@wisc.edu