What is 2012?

     The Sweetwater Class of 2012 brings a twist to the meaning of fun, not because we are graduating on "doomsday" (end of the world) - as people say- , but because we stick together no matter what others say. Even though we are not as spirited as the other classes, we will become the most spirited during our senior year. Class of 2012 will surely leave a mark on Sweetwater, where it will be remembered through centuries. As a class, we are trying to make class of 2012 the best of the best.
During our 3 years left here at Sweetwater we would like to make it the best. So please support us by going to all the school events. We have a lot of plans for 2012's senior year. We want the best prom ever! Also, we would like to have fun trips out of the state. We can have all this if we have enough money, so starting now, you should start saving up and start going to school events to help us.! (:

New year ! (: class of 2012 is back! Now that we have more people as juniors, we are about to be a loud class. Support 2012 and be loud!
Wear gray ! tooo . (:

Are you ready ? We are almost SENIORS ! ? Make this the best year ever . Remember, we are about to be RED ! So make sure you dress up and support your class.