1)                                                                                           Identical Emotions









'Game with a Purpose' was innovative idea developed at CMU. These games help computers learn to think more like humans.One plays the game computers get smarter.Some of these games include ESP game which helps to label images on the web, Verbosity which help to collect common sense facts, Matchin which helps to generate best images etc.These Games are available on http://www.gwap.com/gwap/

This game helps to assign emotions to the images,thus provides tags describing emotions depicted by the images.This helps to classify images according to different genre such as 'sorrowful', funny', 'shocking', 'beautiful' etc.  

Description of the system 

The game is played by two partners and is meant to be played online by a large number of pairs at once. Partners are randomly assigned from among all the people playing the game.
Players are not told whom their partners are, nor are they allo
wed to communicate with their partners. The only thing partners have in common is an image they can both see.Challenge imposed by Identical Emotion to players is that they have to type 'emotion' the image is depicting and player and his partner have to type same emotion to win points.Once both players have typed the same string, they move on to the next image and we say that their emotions are 'identical' .

In the figure (1) when player and partner type the same emotion depicted by image for example love,they move on to the next image.

Partners strive to agree on as many images as they can in 3 minutes. Every time two partners have 'Identical Emotions' on an image,they get a certain number of points.More their emotions are Identical,more points they get.Players can also choose to pass or opt out on difficult images. If a player clicks the pass button, a message is generated on their partner’s screen; a pair cannot pass on an image until both have hit the pass button. As the player and his partner have to type same string describing emotion for the image to move on,they have to agree on the same emotion depicted by the image,thus string which they type can act as a good tag for the image, describing emotion conveyed by the image. 

Off -Limit Words 

If an image has been labeled many times before,system generated off limit words and players cannot use this words for labeling.These words act as Taboo words.These words make the game harder as the players now, will have to think of another possible emotion which image is conveying.Taboo words are obtained from the game itself. The first time an image is used in the game, it will have no taboo words.When it has been labeled by players in previous games, it will start having taboo words.

For example - Figure 3 can have off limit word 'love' associated with it and players will have to type another emotion depicted.In this example it can be 'happy'.
These taboo words guarantee that image will get different tags describing emotions associated with it.

When the game is over,player and partner can review the labels they submitted for the image as shown in (4)

Selecting the images
For game to be successful images presented to the user should be evocative. Images are retrieved from flickr database. Images are searched for different keywords such as "face", "nature", "flowers”,"expression","celebration","emotion","movie","baby","children","books", "god" etc. Keywords are selected intelligently such as search will return images depicting different emotions. Moreover, for the game to be able to create a good database and to be able to serve Emotion based Captcha, images should pass through the system multiple times. This mean same image should be labeled by different players. More "times" a particular label depicting emotion has been assigned by different players to the image, more accurate the tag is for the image. Thus, system also selects the images which have already been presented to previous players and are present in the database. This, also helps in obtaining multiple tags for the images which is also essential for accuracy. In some cases, if Images are not evocative, Images could also be labeled "NULL" or simply passed for smooth functioning of the game.

When is an image done ?

One image passes through the system multiple times.When it has acquired many labels which become off limit words ,image becomes too difficult for players such that they begin to pass it each time.As this point of time,image is removed from the database.


Below collages illustrate different images on flickr with their emotional tags obtained from 'Identical Emotions'.

                                           Tag-Happy                                                    Tag-Love

Enjoy  the game ! at  - http://fungame.x10.mx/index.php                                                                                                                                       

Game Tutorial

Please choose specific emotions belonging to different genre such as happy, sad, shock, thinking, love, beautiful for easy play and maximising your points.

2)                                                                                        Similar Choices

                            Oxford Dictionary getting displayed for feedback


        Feedbacks to various books provided by the players


similar choices, game with a purpose

'Similar Choices' can be used as application of games with a purpose in Ecommerce Analytics. Different products currently active in the market are displayed to the players. Player and his/her partner are shown a product, they have to type in response to their product. Information about these products is collected from online shopping websites. Responses can be cool , simplybest! , ok , perfect , highly recommended, must buy! , looks great! etc. Each of these responses have a particular score. Different responses can have same scores and answers with marginal difference eg.- 5 points are also accepted but player and his/her partner get less points in this scenario as compared to when their is perfect match. For example, must buy! can have 50 points, simply best - 45 points , cool - 40 points , perfect - 40 points , highly recommended - 40 points , ok - 25 points. If player and his/her partner's response has a similar score , their choice is considered to be identical and they both get certain points. In this way cumulative points of a certain product can be calculated based on user responses and its rating/popularity as compared to other products can be established.

Game can be played at  -


Game Tutorial -

Please choose specific feedback of different genre such as mustBuy, cool, okay, not recommended to maximise your points and for quality feedback.

3)                                                                                 Label Graphs

Graph depicting Server response time getting displayed

 Graphs labelled with properties such as increasing, peak, periodic

Label graphs is application of games with a purpose in statistical analysis. Statistical graphs analysis is a major need in almost every field from medical, astronomy, to software development. Tons of statistical plots/data needs to be analyzed on a regular basis. For example, companies which host dynamic web systems need to perform thorough load testing of systems on a regular basis which require analysis of response time plots, in hospitals cardiographic plots needs to be analyzed etc. This game displays plots and player are asked to enter the property of the plots. Some properties include increasing, decreasing, peak, periodic, cyclic, finding vertex having highest degree etc. If player and his/her partner agree on a property, they get points. Thus, labeling the graphs with their properties can aid a lot in statistical analysis. 

It can also be useful in fields such as Network Analysis, Energy Grid Optimization, Fraud Detection, Social Graph Analysis.


                                                                             An example of social Network graph that can be analyzed  -




Analyze a friendship network between members of a club. Properties that can be analyzed such that total number of members, most popular/friendly members.

4)Some Games Under Development 

Currently, game for tagging articles such as news articles and game for tagging videos is under development. Some of the interesting features of the games are –

1)User are asked to enter multiple labels, maximum three for one video or a news article. As objects such as video or news articles contains lot of information, matching single common keywords for these objects can be a bit difficult which will be a bit unfair for the players. So, users are asked to enter three or less, best keywords for a given object. For matching, these keywords might not be same strings, they are analyzed if they belong to the same context, whether are synonyms and matched accordingly, also a subset of keywords might be matched. If for a given object more keywords match, more points player and his partner gets.

2)Players can also choose the category for their labels. They can communicate with each other to mutually agree on a category. For example, if they wish to label with emotions they can choose emotions. Categories can be emotions, generic.

                                                                                   TAG VIDEO


                                                                          A Linking Park song video getting displayed to the user to Tag


  Different Tags Identifying context such as pop, music are identical, snake ,python are identical. Also tags can be both generic labels as  well as those depicting Reaction/Emotion

                                                                                                      TAG Articles

                                                                          A Link to A News Article getting Displayed to Tag

                                                                        An Old/Historical newspaper article getting displayed to tag                                                                    

It can also be useful in News/Video Analytics and can be used to obtain feedback/reactions corresponding to News Articles/Videos such as excellent,cool,happy,sad etc.


Tag Earth is a game which ask users to tag satellite images obtained via Google Earth. Tags help in identifying various landmarks such as flyovers, skyscrapers to name of some local shop in the region. Player and his/her partner are matched according to their geographic location. Tags also belong to a different genre in which if player feel, he and his/her partner noticed something strange in the image, they label it as strange.

                                                                                                             A Satellite image getting displayed

                                                                                                  Tags given to the satellite images inclusive of strange tag


Tag art is a game which ask users to assign tags to pieces of art such as paintings. Tags can be a generic label or a review label such as excellent, okay, etc. Players can communicate whether, they want to do review tag or generic label tag and proceed. 

                                                                                                                        A painting getting displayed to tag

                                                                                                                       Paintings with various labels


Tag Art, Game with a Purpose



Pick Quality is a fun game utilizing ESP Game framework. In Pick Quality, images of superheroes from various movies, games, comics are shown to the player, they have to give the quality of the superhero, if both players give the same quality, they get points. After sometime, common/predominant quality become off-limits and players will have to type in a different quality of the superhero which adds challenge to the game.

                                                                                         Some Screenshots of Pick Quality.


  Game can be played at -

Emotion Tags/ Feedback Tags obtained via games can help in comprehensive sentiment analysis of various objects such as images from image sharing websites such as flickr, news articles from different News websites, videos from video sharing websites, of social networks, e-communities present. 

Tags obtained can be used to obtain connection between objects such as news articles, videos.

As Games, also serve the purpose of feedback system, they can be used to generate ranking of various objects such as products available in the market belonging to different categories and generate ranking/comparison of products of similiar category belonging to different brands. Ranking of news articles, videos can be generated based on quantity of different feedbacks obtained such as  excellent,  good , ok etc. 
As Games use the concept of off-limit in tagging, tags obtained for various objects such as videos, news articles etc can be ranked, common tags which are high in number and have become off-limit words earlier obtain high rankings as compared to other tags generated by players.

Tags which are higher ranked as obtained from games form the vertex of the graph and which occur in more news articles, videos , images form a network. In this way, deeper relationships between news articles, videos, images can be obtained based on complexity of the graph. 

Games can be made more interesting via gamification such as adding storylines,  competition via badges, content unlocking such as art, historic important articles, videos.

To explore more applications of games, please visit - 

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