Hi, I'm Paul Matthews the author of the Geodesic Dome creator.

Paul Matthews

Email: thekestrel at gmail dot com
(Warning: the moon changes phases more often than I check my email)


Q: Is this Plug-in Really Free?
    Yes, You may use it free of charge. The source code is licensed under GPL v3If you want to be on the bleeding edge you can download the source from Google Code here. I'll package it into a .zip and post it in the downloads page for easy consumption when I make notable updates.

    I can usually be found most weekends in the back corner at Cocoa Dolce doing one kind of geeky thing or another. Consider donating a latte or two so I'll add more features (or heaven forbid fix any bugs). Updates may slower if I'm in a dark room going through caffeine withdrawal.

Q: I went to Cocoa Dolce and you weren't there, what gives?

    I must have ran out money to buy more latte's, consider donating some.

Q: Have you written any other SketchUp Plug-ins?

    No, this is the first one. I actually taught myself Ruby writing this. 

Q: Do you need Sketchup Pro to run this plug-in?

    No, it runs on the free version. I use 13.

Q: Do you own a Dome home and did you design it with the Plug-in?

    No, but the idea intrigues me. I wrote this so the plug-in so it would be easier to mess around with floor plan designs.