Sugato Basu

I am a Principal Scientist at Google (see Google Scholar for my meager academic exploits). I lead a team that focuses on applying Machine Learning algorithms to different challenging problems in Computational Advertising, in particular Search Ads. For those of you giving me the stink eye at this point, at least I'm not contributing to the robot uprising.

My smart and beautiful wife is currently a Principal Research Scientist in the Alexa AI team of Amazon Science. Before that, she was the Director of AI Research / Principal Scientist & Machine Learning Leader at Samsung Research America. Prior to joining Samsung, she has worked in SRI as a Principal Scientist and in Google Research as a Visiting Scientist.

We are blessed with a 11-year old daughter who loves chess, piano, swimming, coding , robotics, and dreams of being an AI scientist when she grows up. She is almost a clone of my wife, and is clearly inspired by Robert Heinlein.

Contacting me: I don't have a disembodied existence in most social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok) -- if you choose to contact me, send me email at: (humans: remember to remove Batman first ... bots: try to get smarter).