Heather & Alexi

Engaged: April 21, 2007      Wedding: September 6, 2008 

How we met:

Alexi and I met on a blind lunch date on March 8, 2006.  Alexi's sister-in-law's sister worked with my good friend at the time and she set us up on our first date.  He was really enthralled with his job at the time and not keen on starting a new relationship but she sent him a picture of me and told him on numerous occasions to just "give it one date and see what happens".  We both worked at a local insurance company in downtown Hartford and had never run into each other at work (there are over 5,000 employees in our building).  Thankfully, Alexi took her advice and finally emailed me to ask if I would like to meet for lunch.  I said okay and we set a date.

I was so nervous the day we were supposed to meet for the first time but when I get to work in my inbox is an email from Alexi stating he'd have to reschedule because his former boss passed away and he had to go to the wake that afternoon.  Um, if that doesn't sound like a lame excuse I don't know what would?!  We ended up rescheduling for the following week and low and behold I came down with a horrible case of Bronchitis and had to postpone as well.  We were both beginning to think it just wasn't meant to be but we gave it one more shot and finally on March 8th we met!

I'll never forget the first time I saw him as I came down the escalators to the lower lobby to see him pacing nervously back and forth glancing at his watch.  Then out-of-the blue he glanced up and looked right at me and got this big dopey grin on his face and said, "you must be Heather". =)  We went to Wood 'n Tap in Hartford, CT (which is our favorite restaurant to this day) and ended up taking a 2 hour lunch.  I remember I ordered a meatloaf sandwich because it was a special on their St. Patrick's Day menu.  I still had my braces on back then and all I kept saying was not to worry that they'd come off next month.  My friend who set us up had told me he was really shy so I'd have to keep the conversation going.  Well....I am shy, too....but I talked, and talked, and talked, and talked. 

When I returned to work my friends were awaiting my e-mail to see how it went and I really liked him but I thought I had intimidated him completely and talked too much.  Luckily, he found my incessant yapping endearing and "cute" and emailed me the next day to say he had a great time.  We then scheduled a date after working hours and the rest is history!  On our first lunch date he drove us to the restaurant in an old Intrepid he had just bought used but he kept bragging about his car.  I remember trying to be nice thinking that it was rather ugly.  Well, on our first date I was completely surprised when he picked me up in his yellow Nissan 350Z  It clicked then he was talking up his sports car to try to impress me =).  Little did he know I know diddly squat about cars.  It was fun to ride around in that car but we sold it the end of last summer.  We also traded in the good ole Intrepid at the same time and bought our Pacifica.  (NOTE: it was completely his idea to dump the sports car because the taxes were outrageous- if we win the lotto he's getting a Porsche!)