Sugar Cookie Decorating Ideas Pictures

    cookie decorating
  • Cookie decorating dates back to at least the 14th century when in Switzerland, springerle cookie molds were carved from wood and used to impress Biblical designs into cookies. Accessed 2007-07-02
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  • A sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants, esp. sugar cane and sugar beet, consisting essentially of sucrose, and used as a sweetener in food and drink
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sugar cookie decorating ideas pictures
sugar cookie decorating ideas pictures - The Complete
The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating
The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating
This richly illustrated how-to book is a comprehensive reference about various techniques for decorating cookies, including buttercream icing, rolled fondant, run sugar, painting, chocolate icing, and egg wash glaze. The clear organization provides easy access to information with step-by-step directions and 400 full-color photos. Easy projects provide fun opportunities for trying the techniques, and a gallery of beautifully decorated cookies offers examples and inspiration to pursue the hobby yourself!

Tiny Treats
Tiny Treats
Journaling reads: What is it about little things that make them so cute? When Riley saw a book on Tiny Treats in the bookstore she really wanted it. I told her she would need to save her money. Imagine her surprise when her Aunt Amanda bought the book for her for no reason at all while we were on vacation with her in St. George. Mandy had no idea she had previously asked for the book, she just knew it was the perfect book for Riley! We had so much fun making little treats and taking pictures of them. The itty bitty watermelons are actually limes scooped out and filled with cherry jello and mini chocolate chips. The “ice cream cone” is actually a bugle snack with 2 little scoops of flavored cream cheese and the "waffles" with syrup are actually sugar wafer cookies. I think we outdid ourselves on the cuteness scale when we decorated cheerios and made it look like a teddy bear was having doughnuts on a lace covered table! When we showed Dad, he thought it was great fun to tease Riley about eating the tiny doughnuts. There were a lot of giggles back and forth and finally she let him eat them. Of course I caught the whole thing with my camera! Template by Hillary Heidelberg at Scrapbook Graphics (Admire Me) Font is Century Gothic
sugar cookie decorating ideas pictures
sugar cookie decorating ideas pictures
How to Make and Decorate Cookies
Making and decorating cookies can be anywhere from a fun, family activity to a full-fledged work of modern art! Whether you're throwing a celebration for the kids or the grown-ups, everyone loves cookies!

With a beautifully crafted plate of cookies both kids and adults alike will show their “oohs and ahs” over your new cookie creations. The wonderfully artistic ones will have your guests marveling at them as much as wanting to eat them up!

This is a BEGINNER'S BOOK which will teach you the basic tools, resources and instructions on how to create for yourself, and your family and friends, some beautiful and deliciously decorated cookies. Learn how fun and easy it is for anyone to create a plate of cookies that will look like they were made by a professional.

Now with this easy-to-follow book in hand anyone can learn how to make, bake and decorate cookies!