The Great South Land

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The Great South Land reading package caters for beginner students who have a desire to learn about the history, geography and natural history of Australia but have little opportunity to gain the information they want because it is not available in a form they find accessible.

The Great South Land tells the story of Australia's history from the arrival of the Aborigines, the search for Terra Incognita Australis, to the First Fleet and the establishment of the settlement at Sydney Cove.  The readers are written at three levels of difficulty within the one volume and are accompanied by photocopiable Worksheets, also at the same three levels.  These also include teachers' notes and stimulus pictures for discussion and vocabulary extension.  In addition there is an audio recording on which the three reading texts are read slowly and clearly.

The authors have received positive responses, not only from ESL and adult literacy teachers, but also from others working in predominantly Aboriginal and Islander schools and from staff in secondary and primary schools.

Published by NCELTR in 2001 & now owned by Macmillan.

The Great South Land  ISBN 1 86408 693 9

The Great South Land Worksheets  ISBN 1 86408 699 8

The Great South Land audiocassette  ISBN 1 86408 724 2

The Great South Land audio CD  ISBN 1 86408 859 1

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