The First Australians

The First Australians reading texts contain information about the early history of Australian Aboriginal people and about their traditional skills and lifestyles.  The texts are suitable for students of all ages who are struggling with English print literacy: ESL, EFL, Adult Literacy, primary, adolescent and intellectually disabled students. 

The texts are written at three successive levels within the one volume and use the same illustrations and general content at each level as scaffolding to encourage students to progress more confidently. The reading material is printed in large, sans serif font and is chunked at the Easy level to assist students to extract meaning more readily.  The Medium level also has chunked text.

An audio recording is available of the texts read slowly and clearly by Lyndal Reid, a highly experienced Australian ESL teacher

There is a Workbook containing suggestions to assist teachers in maximal use of the materials, with photocopiable stimulus pictures to facilitate discussion of contrasting lifestyles and explanation of unfamiliar tools and plants, vocabulary lists at the three levels found in the reading materials and a large print text at the Easy level for cutting, pasting and text manipulation activities.  A series of photocopiable exercises (with suggested answers) reinforce reading materials at each of the three levels.  These include:

·        vocabulary development and consolidation

·        comprehension

·        pronunciation and spelling

·        verb tense formation and usage

·        writing of sentences and continuous text

·        detailed listening to aid auditory processing