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Other micro publishers:
The Urban Lyrebirds:  www.urbanlyrebirds.com

The Book Next Door:  www.thebooknextdoor.com

Read me Again  Press: www.readmeagainpress.com.au

This site has maths symbols and all the Australian states' school fonts for very moderate prices.  They use the  funds generated to support special projects in remote Aboriginal schools in the Northern territory.

The fonts include a beginners' version for students just learning to form the letters of the alphabet, with dotted  and outlined letters as well as letters within lines to teach correct positioning. 

They now offer an additional new set of Compact Queensland fonts
, which was  designed specifically for Sugarbag on Damper for use in reading texts and workbooks.  The second edition of English Spelling Vol. 1, due out in February 2011, uses this new font.  We thank John Greatorex most sincerely for his generosity in devoting a significant part of his Christmas break to the creation of this font, which is now available to all through the School Fonts website.

From the school fonts website:

For further information about why these fonts were created in the first place, you may be interested to read our history page. Or you may like to know what happens to the money earned from font sales.

This font was designed produced by a Dutch graphic designer, Christian Boer, who is himself dyslexic.  
We are using it as a trial in our 2013 publication Cousins: Koala & Wombat because we feel it may lessen the burden of decoding for our students who come from essentially non-literate societies.  (We'll be very interested in feedback from teachers on the font in this context.) The cost is very moderate - we paid AU$70 for it.
A few quotes from the website:

"People with dyslexia see mirror images of letters, rotate letters and mix them up."
"Making the bottom part of each letter appear heavier than the top prevents the letter from turning upside down.  The weight of the letters in words and sentences is greatest towards the bottom, creating the effect of a single heavy baseline."
"Bold capitals and punctuation marks clearly highlight the beginning and end of a sentence or interruption."
"The space between the letters and words is wider so that letters and words stand out more clearly."

CAL (Copyright Agency Ltd) is owned by its members: Australian authors, journalists, visual artists, photographers and publishers.
Most teachers will have been subjected to those irritating photocopying surveys but do not realize that the result of these pestiferous events is the payment to creators and publishers of fees collected by CAL on their behalf.  Each year several million dollars are collected from photocopying and downloading in Australia for distribution to CAL members.
CAL also conducts regular seminars around Australia to advise members of their rights and changes to copyright laws, especially those resulting from rapid advances in digital technology.
Every creative work is automatically covered by copyright laws.  Joining CAL ensures creators and publishers receive payment for their works when they are copied by educational institutions and others.  Membership is free.  Membership application forms are available from CAL:
email info@copyright.com.au

Educational radio programme on Adelaide 89.7FM  Mondays 8.30pm & Fridays 9am and on their website (link above).  The programme features adult learning across the spectrum, is particularly interested in disadvantaged adults returning to education and provides radio and online resources in a range of fields including health, media, science, social history, justice and the law.
It is produced and presented by Tony Ryan, a teacher from South Australia, who has also worked for ABC radio and Radio Adelaide and has a long history in various forms of education and media work.
The programme is supported by the South Australian Dept. of Further Education Employment Science and Technology.
 For more information email:  learningworks@pbafm.org.au

QATESOL is the Queensland Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of other Languages.  Their role is to serve the needs of Teachers of Second or Other languages in primary, secondary and tertiary level sectors of both public and private ecucation, provide further the study of Teaching English as a Second or Other Language, foster the professional development of English as a Second or Other Language, provide leadership on issues relevant to a culturally diverse community and advocate on behalf of our teachers and learners.  QATESOL also produces an interesting newsletter for members.

is the Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages in the Australian Capital Territory.  Members work within a range of contexts including school education, adult new arrivals programs, ELICOS, tertiary studies and research programs.  The organisation 
aims to support all teachers and learners of English as an additional language within the ACT.  They offer workshops and seminars which cater for all professionals working in the TESOL field and welcome mainstream teachers with ESL students.

 ACTA (The Australian Council of TESOL Associations) is the national co-ordinating body to which QATESOL is affiliated.  ACTA produces TESOL in Context, a more academically oriented, peer reviewed publication which comes out twice a year.  Members of affiliated organisations receive copies of this journal.

Adult Literacy:
QCAL is Queensland Council for Adult Literacy, the professional association for Adult Literacy teachers in Qld.  They provide professional development, an annual conference, advocacy on issues concerning literacy, a quarterly newsletter (Write On) and automatic membership of their national counterpart ACAL.

See note above on QCAL

TCAL (The Tasmanian Council for Adult Literacy) is a voluntary, not-for-profit association administered by a management committee elected by members. TCAL members are teachers, trainers, students and volunteers from various workplaces, community organisations or schools, and people with an interest in adult literacy. Note that the term literacy incorporates language and numeracy. TCAL produces a quarterly newsletter for members.

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) provides vocational education and training (VET) research and statistics.

is another site with literacy and numeracy resources for adults and youth, designed by Australian VET teachers.  Their resources focus on personal and vocational skill development and are targeted at higher level students than our Sugarbag on Damper materials.

ESL & Adult Literacy specialist bookshops:

The Language People  bookshop in Brisbane has moved to:
Level 2, 370 Queen St, Brisbane (between Creek & Wharf Sts).
It is run and owned by 
ESL teacher Carmelina Lanza-Volpe.  
Although the business is now primarily on-line, it is also possible to visit the premises to see & touch real books.  
Contact: info@thelanguagepeople.com.au  ph. 07 3831 7633

The Language Centre Bookshop is West Australia's oldest (established in 1982)  and largest resource for language media. Their staff is multilingual with at least one language other than English, and can help you choose from various learning media, ranging from books to CDRoms to get you started in a new exciting world.  From 1 July 2014, the shop will be operating on-line only.  
PO Box 562 Leederville, WA 6902, 08 9328 8965 language@iinet.net.au

Bridge Bookshop, Suite 4, level 3, 173-179 Broadway, 
Cnr Mountain St, BROADWAY, NSW 2007; 02 9211 1660, 
email: books@elt.com.au

TESL Books was established in 1983 to service the needs of the English as a Second Language sector.  Currently it operates online only.
It provides resources for IELTS, Cambridge English Exams, TOEFL, TOEIC, Workplace English, English for Academic Purposes, Business English, CELTA, TEFL (and any other acronym you can think of) and Australian ESL.
Since then it has expanded to include resources for VCE, primary and secondary students, as well as foreign language learning and reference materials ranging from Vietnamese, Kmer, Indonesian, Japanese, Ilokano, through to German, Italian, Spanish and French, even Swahili.
They are a family owned and run small business aiming to provide resources to buld understanding because they firmly believe that, through understanding, we can create positive change in our communities, one person at a time.


Bookery is a large ESL, ELT and Adult Literacy independent bookshop  and specialises in materials for teachers and learners of English as a second language, linguistics and literacy. They also stock materials for learners of other languages, including a wide range of bilingual dictionaries, in their Foreign Language Bookshop division.  You can now shop online.

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