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English - Thok Nath (Nuer)

published by TELLS (TAFE English Language and Literacy Services in Queensland)

Thok Nath (Nuer) is the second largest language group in Southern Sudan.  It is closely related to the Dinka language. Consequently this translation of the dictionary is also likely to be helpful to Dinka people.







 Gatkuoth Kueth

 Pastor Moses Leth

Gatkuoth and Moses worked very hard to grapple with the complexities of translating into their home language from  English with its very different history and social framework. 
They were assisted by
community members: Peter Chot Deng, Gatwic Guol Duany, George Yak Gai, Lul Gatluak, Biel Jal, Maduk Muon Kuony, Gabriel Duol Kun, Elizabeth Nyakong Maying, James Kai Nin, Eliza Nyabiel, Angelo Kai Phaltang, James Bill Thot, Puot Top, James Gatwuic Tut, John Yakuac, David Riek Yakuac and Samuel Gai Yut.

This part of the dictionary work was particularly interesting, challenging and satisfying for Hazel and Dorothy, who really appreciated the friendship, skills and patience of all the translators.

The dictionary has 181 pages, almost 1,500 words and is an A4 bound paperback.

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