Same authors, other publishers

Please note that none of the resources below is owned or published by Sugarbag on Damper.  Therefore they are NOT available through Dorothy or Hazel.  Trade sales on these works are through their own publishers, Macmillan and TELLS respectively.  Retail sales are through bookshops, although TELLS is also willing to sell direct to the public.

The Great South Land:
Dorothy & Hazel published their first reading package, The Great South Land,  in 2001 with NCELTR, which is now owned and distributed by Macmillan Education Australia

From then until 2009 they published all their works under the Sugarbag on Damper label.

TELLS picture dictionaries:
Then throughout 2009-2010 they were employed by TELLS Publications on their bilingual picture dictionary project.  The English only version of the dictionary became available in 2010 from ESL bookshops (see Available from in the side bar).  Four translations were delayed by the Queensland floods but became available early in 2011. Late in 2011 the English version of  Private Parts, a small supplement to the picture dictionary also became available.  It is anticipated that the translations of this will be completed early in 2012.

Dorothy & Hazel are now back working for themselves through Sugarbag on Damper.