Reading Materials

Our reading materials are written at three levels of difficulty within the one volume.
Each has a small amount of text and an illustration per page.  The illustrations support and add to the meaning of the text. 
The texts are labelled easy, medium and hard because these are terms which our students understand readily.  This means that they are not distracted from their essential reading task by trying to fathom the significance of more 'professional' terms. 
The easy text is for real beginners, who have just (or in some cases almost) mastered the sounds of the English alphabet and have extremely limited English vocabulary and grasp of sentence structure.  The font is large sans serif and words are chunked for meaning. 
The medium text is slightly more complex linguistically and gives slightly more content information in a smaller sans serif font, still chunked for meaning.  The illustrations are identical to those in the easy level text, to provide scaffolding for hesitant readers and encourage them to attempt a challenge at which they would normally baulk.
The hard text is slightly more challenging again, is printed in a 'normal' serif font and wrapped by the computer, rather than chunked for meaning.  However, the illustrations remain the same to boost reader confidence.
Each reading text is accompanied by a Workbook, which has exercises appropriate to the three levels of text.  These include vocabulary, comprehension, phonics and pronunciation, writing and detailed listening.  There are teachers' notes with additional background information on the content and stimulus pictures as a basis for classroom discussion.  Suggested answers are also provided to all the exercises.
Finally, each package contains a Sound recording of the three texts, read by an experienced Australian ESL teacher.  These recordings can be used by students who like to "read along" at home, and for detailed listening exercises aimed at improved auditory processing skills.