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English Spelling Vol. 1, Second Edition

As a response to popular request, we have updated & printed English Spelling Vol. 1 in spiral-bound book format.

In this second edition we have used  a new Compact Qld School Font, which was designed especially for us by Aussie Fonts and which is available for a very reasonable price from their website (

We thank all the teachers who have used the CD version and given us valuable feedback on their experiences with it.

The new paper-based edition contains many photocopiable teacher resources:
  • Alphabet chart and hand cards;
  • Letter formation exercises;
  • Sound charts for l and r, voiced and unvoiced consonants and for short vowels.
There are also two songs:  the traditional alphabet song and a sound song of unknown origin.

Finally there are almost 70 pages of photocopiable exercises to encourage students' mastery of the short vowels.  These exercises have a cover onto which all the worksheets can be stapled to keep them together and in the correct order.
There are also suggested answers to all of the exercises.