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Planned for early 2020 'Mountains, Lakes, Deserts'

Unfortunately this publication has been delayed by the outbreak of the corona virus.  We'll get it out as soon as parcticable.

This new low-level reading package will contain:
    1.  A small volume of reading materials
          at three successive levels of difficulty
    2.  A Workbook with additional information for teachers,
         photocopiable extra illustrations 
         and exercises corresponding to the three levels of reading texts,
         with suggested answers
    3. A CD containing a clear reading of the 3 texts at appropriate speeds,
         plus additional copiable coloured images
The subject matter of the reading texts covers:
    • Looking after our national parks
    • Keeping yourself safe in national parks
    • Possible dangers
         remote areas
         communication problems
         lack of water
         problems with vehicles
    • Some parks you might like to visit
         Lamington, Qld   
         Kosciuszko & Blue Mountains, NSW
         Great Ocean Road, Vic.
         Cradle Mountain & Lake St Clair, Tas.
         Kangaroo Island & Flinders Ranges, SA
         Mt Lesueur, WA,
         Kakadu, NT
We are hoping to have this package
ready for sale some time in 2019.