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Coming events - 2018

Professional Development Events
International Literacy Day
Saturday 8 September 9.30am - 12.30pm
Chermside Library 375 Hamilton Rd, free parking
Members $5; non-members $20 – Join now www.qcal.org.au
Register online now

I teach what my learners need – or do I? The complexities of meeting diverse expectations

Joanne Medlin
Co- President of ACAL 
(Australian Council for Adult Literacy)

The disparity between meeting learner needs and complying with rules imposed around teaching are of increasing concern to teachers who are questioning their freedom to make educationally sound decisions.  In this session we will consider whether we make autonomous decisions based on best practice in our daily teaching activities: which external influences are positive and should be supported, and which are having a negative effect?  
We will discuss how we can influence the external factors so that the day to day activities of literacy are based in best practice.
·        How do we identify best practice?
·        How do international trends and testing regimes influence the interaction between a teacher and learner?
·        What do national trends such as the National Foundation Skills Strategy mean in the classroom?
·        How do local procedures and compliance constraints impact learning?
Unpacking the external influences on us can be like running a maze.  In the session we will discuss important issues but keep the tone positive – there’s a treasure at the end of the maze if we can get there!
             This excellent PD session will be followed by morning tea
                        a quick AGM (Annual General Meeting)
     and an even quicker General Meeting to map out our 2019 PD program.
            All participants in the Jo Medlin session will be most welcome 
                     to stay for the meetings.  We would value your input.

The Language People will also have a book display before and after the presentation.

A twilight event: 5.30pm Tuesday 25 September
Coopers Plains Library,
107 Orange Grove Rd, free parking
Members $5; non-members $20 – Join now www.qcal.org.au
Register online now.
The impact of violence on learning
at all ages, in all settings

From Canada
Dr. Jenny Horsman
Community-based researcher and educator

Jenny has developed curriculum, conducted training, delivered workshops and lectures in many parts of the world, and participated in consultations and juries for the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.  Her passionate focus since the early 90s has been the impact of violence on learning at all ages, in all settings, and the ways educational interactions would change if we all acknowledged and addressed these impacts.  She has written extensively on literacy and pedagogy, and violence and learning, including the books Something in my Mind Besides the Everyday, Too Scared to Learn, and several manuals including  Take on the Challenge.  

Too often difficult behaviour frustrates educators and students and makes educational success and personal change elusive.  But Jenny has seen that turning towards the "hard stuff", and understanding the survival-based underpinnings of such behaviour, can lead to transformation, and more success than we often dream might be possible.

She is interested in collaborating with educators of adults and children, counsellors, shelter workers, administrators, and others working in formal and informal educational settings.  Jenny is passionate about addressing the impact of violence on learning, and eager to share more than 30 years of research, study, and innovative practice in this area.

She has seen that working with full staff teams from large and small organizations, can make a profound impact.  She likes to engage support staff, janitors, principals, and everyone else in a setting, as well as those more usually viewed as educators, in understanding the neuroscience, and exploring the challenges in their day-to-day work.  She has learnt that every interaction teaches, the key question is will it teach students they/we cannot learn, don’t belong, or support long-term educational success, and the changes students dream of making in their lives?
Jenny will be in Melbourne as keynote speaker for the ACAL (Australian Council for Adult
Literacy) annual conference 13-14 September. 

Look out for a book display from The Language People before and after
and a cuppa & some nibbles and a chance to network after the presentation.